Redaric Williams email

These celebrities today are so ungrateful. Instead of thanking me for featuring him in the wildly popular “Morning Wood” section of my blog, hunky Soap opera star Redaric Williams cussed me out for having an opinion. Read his salty email after the break.

Hello Sandra, this is not from my manager or publicist, this message is directly from me the actor that you have irresponsibly claimed “bats for the other team.” in you article, I actually think its a bit humorous as I am not homophobic at all but let me be clear on the fact that I am %100 straight. So yea just giving you an fyi, although like I said its actually a bit funny to me, truth to be told I’ve been called way were things than that, but yea if you plan on having any type of creditably in what it is you do you might wanna do some better fact checking. Also I’m older than my twin sister not the other way around. Anyhow I wish you all the best, moving forward feel free to reach out I’m a really down to earth dude and very accessible. Best,Redaric Williams