Photo may have been deleted

A loyal reader emailed me to request a Morning Wood post featuring reality TV contestant Coye Simmons.

She wrote: “HEY SANDRA!!! do an article about this Handsome Piece of man!!!! Thank You!”

Coye is a contestant on “Love Island USA” Season 6. He is the son of 1990s female rapper Shocky Shay.

The 6’8″ former pro basketball player is described as a “ladies man” on the Peacock show. There is no shortage of ladies who would love to climb his tree!

Coye played pro basketball in Germany. He now works as a School District Unit Director.

Photo may have been deleted

Due to his height and size, Coye requires custom-made clothing and shoes. He wears a size 17 shoe.

“Love Island USA” is set on the island of Fiji. Coye is the tallest among the contestants, known as “Islanders”, on the show.

Coye and the other contestants are vying for a cash prize of $100,000.

Check out Coye’s steamy photos below.

If you stalk his Instagram page, don’t forget to tell him where you saw him first.