Oprah 3 pounds of weave

Yes, Oprah is a narcissist who covers every issue of her own magazine, O, The Oprah Magazine. But this month Oprah went all out to promote her new flick ‘The Butler’ because it must do well at the box office or she will take the failure personally. The talk show maven wore 3 pounds of weave in a mammoth 1970s style afro on her head. The magazine’s sub heading reads “Let’s Talk About Hair!”

In a video she posted on her Facebook, Oprah explained the wig was a Kim Kimble creation.

“Women, we have issues with our hair,” she said. “[Women’s] hair represents the first thing anyone sees of them, or of ourselves, and so we identify with what our hair looks like.” Kimble is also responsible for Beyonce’s unbeweaveable atrocities.

Lee Daniels’ The Butler opens in theaters August 16.

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