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A not so loyal reader writes:

I have been coming to your blog for quiet some time now mainly because I love when you throw shade at Kim K and Beyonce. However, I have learned recently I’ve been supporting a bigot this entire time and didn’t even know I was. Yes, I’m calling you a bigot because of your anti-gay stance and how you blatantly attack the LGBT community. Most recently, with the Duggar scandal.

Your post on the Duggar scandal suggested that you’re defending Josh Duggars actions and blaming it on the gays- like you usually do with everything else. Just blame it all on the gays. Gays are stigmatized with the terms “pervert” and referred as a danger to children, however, I haven’t heard one case of a gay man or Lesbian hurting a child sexually.

All of these child molestation scandals we’ve heard of in recent years involve a conservative “Christian”.

Now you’re entitled to your own opinion, however, your constant attack on the LGBT community is tasteless, ignorant, and downright unfounded. I hope you find peace with whatever demons you’re dealing with whether they have anything to do with your past or present, because God forbid you begin blaming the gays for all of your misfortunes!

Much love and happiness!