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Medical Minute Edema in pregnancy

On Saturday, pregnant socialite Kim Kardashian Instagram'ed a photo of her swollen feet caused by mild edema.

Edema in pregnant women is a build up of fluids in the extremities (hands, arms, feet, legs and face). Pregnant women retain more water, especially in the late 2nd or early 3rd trimester.

Swelling in the feet can be caused by wearing constricting shoes and clothing; standing for long periods of time; consuming a diet high in salt (sodium) and caffeine. Eating a diet low in potassium.

Prevention of edema in pregnancy includes avoid standing for long periods of time; wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing (maternity clothes); wear support hose to reduce swelling in feet; eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water (at least 8-10 glasses a day).

Notify your physician/OB/GYN if swelling in your arms, legs or face persist for more than 24 hours and doesn't improve with rest or elevating the affected part.

Edema in pregnant women can also be due to a potentially serious medical condition known as preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is diagnosed in pregnant women who have pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, excrete protein in their urine (proteinuria); and have swelling in their extremities (edema).

Pre-eclampsia can also have no symptoms. So visiting your OB/GYN for blood pressure monitoring and urine tests is vitally important.

Preeclampsia and eclampsia are caused by a non-functioning placenta. Preeclampsia is most often seen in first-time pregnancies, in pregnant teens, and in women over 40.

Eclampsia follows pre-eclampsia and is a life-threatening emergency that requires immediate medical attention.

Both conditions require emergency medical attention.

The signs and symptoms of Severe pre-eclampsia, eclampsia are:

  • Headaches
  • Seizures
  • Blurred vision, flashing lights, floaters
  • Dizziness
  • Bleeding in the brain (cerebral hemorrhage)
  • Intolerance to bright lights
  • Fatigue, tire easily
  • Excessive nausea/vomiting
  • Infrequent urination or no urination
  • Upper right abdominal pain
  • Shortness of breath (SOB)
  • Bruising easily
  • Sudden weight gain of 2 lbs. or more
  • Eclampsia seizures left untreated can cause coma and death. Eclampsia (toxemia, seizures) usually follows severe preeclampsia (pregnancy-induced hypertension, proteinuria).

    Both conditions require emergency medical attention.


    Treatment of both eclampsia and severe pre-eclampsia involves medications to control high blood pressure and seizures (anti-hypertensives, anticonvulsants).

    If you have mild eclampsia, your doctor may prescribe bedrest and careful monitoring of your blood pressure and urine protein levels.

    There is no cure for pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, so labor must be induced quickly or a c-section is performed to deliver the baby even if the fetus is premature.

    In worst cases scenarios, the fetus must be aborted to save the mother's life.

    After the baby is delivered (or aborted), the symptoms should go away in 1 to 6 weeks.

    This has been your Medical Minute.


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    • lashellebelle

      Whew! Just slid into my third trimester. So far I don't have any of those "clampsia" issues.

    • Min Min Sheen (The artist formally kwn as Dawn Sheen)

      This is the most important medical minute ever... Been through it post & pre wish I had known the signs before.

    • Sandra Rose

      @ lashellebelle: Congrats. Are you having a boy?

    • lashellebelle

      No ma'am! I'm having a "mini me" :biggrin:

    • lashellebelle

      And thank you Aunty!

    • PumpkinsMama

      Fukc this bytch feet I'm ready to jump on Steebie's bus :popcorn:

    • AlluringlySweet

      If she stopped stuffing herself into too small clothes and shoes, she woildn't have feet looking like that. I don't know one pregnant woman trying to be sexy, hell I just wanted to be comfortable and sleep. Chick looking like she need some Lasix and bed rest.

    • Unshakable

      @topic - Auntie Sandrita, how art thou? This is to date one of the most important mm you have done. Bravo!! :applause:

      @Lashellebelle - Congrats love on your bundle of joy! Praying for a safe delivery for you! :hug:

      @Kim K - I hope both her and the baby are well and she doesn't have a lot of difficulty with this pregnancy. It seems that what is supposed to be a joyous experience is turning into a rather macabre one for her.

    • Unshakable

      @Kim's shoes - Why those joints look like something out of Payless or Ross Dress for Less? I bet if I go right now, I could find these same shoes on the clearance rack. Come to think of it, Payless stay on clearance rack. If her feet are going to hurt from wearing such shoes, why not Red Bottoms or some high end shoe maker or something that looks expensive? Then again, maybe it's just me.

      #justmakinganobservationdontjudgeme :rofl:

    • Kweenie

      I'm sure her shoes cost some bread... Bad bishes don't wear cheap shoes

    • Kweenie

      Trust me. :tea:

    • Paige

      My feet did not swell during pregnancy, guess I was a lucky one.Her ankles are also very swollen. Elevate Kim...elevate!!!

    • Kweenie

      Yeah her feet do look like they hollerin. LoL. I feel bad for ole girl ...

    • Kweenie

      And her shoes are givenchy (sp)

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      :goodpost: Sandra, I suffered from pre-eclampsia and it was a very serious condition. I began my pregnancy at 117 pounds, at 38 weeks I was at 227 pounds or more.During that 1st week to week visit with the doctor, they could not get my blood pressure down. I felt fine but my pressure was sky high, long story short being that I was considered full term, they wheeled me to Northside (my doctor's office was connected to the hospital) spent the night they stuck some film to thin my cervix next morning doctor broke my water and was in full fledge labor, withing 2 hours the baby was here. When my daughter came she had so much fluid in her lungs from myself, they immediately placed her in ICU. I held her one time, and they took her to ICU. I was livid because I couldn't see her, well I didn't realize just how bad my condition was. My blood pressure was still through the roof, pretty much I could have instantly had a stroke. I didn't see my child till 3 days later, and even then my friend came to the hospital and snuck into ICU (hell I needed to see my child) when I got to ICU Jordan was healthy but her breathing was very fast because of the fluid. They was trying to slow the breathing down.

      Pretty much I damn near died, ended up with a catheder << however u spell it to drain the fluid. I had gallons of fluid drained off me. Again I did not know how bad off I was, because with adrenaline and just having a baby you only saw ounce took a toll on me.

      Stayed in the hospital 6 days and still left with blood pressure medication and water pills, me and my daughter was closely monitored. after 3 weeks, high blood pressure went away Jordan was fine and I was off water pills, pressure medication. Pre-Eclampsia is very very serious.

      My daughter didn't even catch it. One day I was in the office and a co-worker said Jen damn you swollen, I showed her my leg, and she was like damn :shock: I just poked my leg and it left a print (sure sign of fluid). Well she told me you might have toxemia, hell I didn't know :shrugs: so on the next doctor's visit. The nurse weighed me and I had gained 15 plds within a week, a damn week nah :no: but note at that time my blood pressure was normal. I wasn't until the following week when I was diagnosed.

      I say all this to say, please know your body, talk to your doctor if u have abnormal weight gain, you should not be gaining over 100 plds like myself. Again Sandra wonderful post cause I am a witness. As much as I can't stand this chick , if she is going through this then wow :no:

      sn: Damn her real talk !!!! :tea: Hell I haven't proof read shyt so, hopefully my post can help. My next child I don't know exactly what I could do to prevent this happening again :shrugs: the way it was explained to me some get this condition and some don't :shrugs:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Oh yeah Mama Dee look like she was running in cement :rofl: :hahaha:

    • Kimberly99

      Jeniefrum that was a long story to read. I had to skim through it.


    • jeniefrumdabloc

      :hahaha: Long as you read it may help in the future. :lol:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      My pregnancy was the devil hunny, I was a ballon folks need to know bout that condition :tea:

    • Paige

      Thanks Jenie for sharing. I have taken care of a couple of women who almost died from this condition, and one who did. Many people don't realize how serious Eclampsia can be.

    • Sandra Rose

      Thanks for sharing your story with us @ jeniefrumdabloc :clap:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      No problem Sandra :thumbsup: !!! @Paige I was literally in stroke mode. Even though when you feel fine, you can have a stroke just like that :shrugs: they had me laying on the left side, switch to the right medication it was serious :no:

    • datsmdubya2u

      im sure Kim is getting the best of medical care..maybe she shouldnt wear those types of shoes..

    • OutsidetheBox

      Jenie you could go on to have very safe pregnancies. OTB16 was born at 26wks prompted by preeclampsia. Every other OTB was just fine! 40wk riders, no blood pressure scares. :hug:

    • datsmdubya2u

      wow @jeanie what a harrowing glad ur ok

    • datsmdubya2u

      HEY OTB! U still up?

    • OutsidetheBox

      I love those shoes, Kim! But make that nigga buy you a carry you. :yes:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      OutsidetheBox says:

      Jenie you could go on to have very safe pregnancies. OTB16 was born at 26wks prompted by preeclampsia. Every other OTB was just fine! 40wk riders, no blood pressure scares.
      OTB bring it in :hug: That pregnancy was horrible :crying: from start to finish, carpel tunnel both hands dear lord :no: if he was trying to keep me from having another child then I understand :sad: it was a easy delivery .. she came quick but the entire pregnancy was torture on my body. :no: I had never been that size. I looked a totally different person. My entire body was in constant pain from how tight my skin was from fluid, I had stretch marks under my armpits :shrugs: who has that ? I pretty much added a extra body. The doctor told me it would be a good chance, I could develop the the condition again. So I told him tie my tubes :rules: but he wouldn't do it :sad: at the time I was 25 so :shrugs: But in Kim's case hell she wearing too little clothes, shoes hell :no: just ugh
      But you just gave me hope, because I have heard others have had the condition more then once :no:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Lawd Sandra please don't ban me wit all them emotes :pray: @Dat thankya :hug:

    • PumpkinsMama

      Awwwwwwww Jennnnay :wail: :kiss: Glad you're ok hun

    • Kynedy L

      Thanks @Sandra and Jenie! People don't understand that there is more to pregnancy than everybody doing things for you and maternity clothes. I don't have kids but my sis got bells palsy with her 2nd child. The whole left side of her face was paralyzed. I felt so bad for her. Im not a Kim k fan but i wish her a safe pregnancy and child birth. Hell her ankles were fat before she got pregnant.

    • Paige

      Jenie don't even mention the carpal tunnel!!:gay: With my last pregnancy the pain was so bad I couldn't even sleep!

    • Unshakable

      @Jenie - So are you having anymore chirrens?

      @Paige - How long did the carpal tunnel last? Is there medication for it, or no? I don't have chirrens, so I enjoy being educated by those who do. I used up my emoticon limit, so I'll blow you kisses from afar.

      @Queenie - I don't doubt that they're name brand, I just wonder why do some starruhs get things with by a famous designer when it looks no different that what I can afford (mind you, I live in Wal-Mart, Target, Payless, etc.)? No judgment, just curious. Oh well, her money, her life.

      By the way Queenie....I'm lovin this Aaliyah-esque look you have goin on in your pic! :hug: and :kiss:

    • MetroAtlMrs

      I did not have preclampsia until the day I had my daughter. I was forced to have an emergency c-section. During surgery the doctors could not stabilize me because my blood pressure shot up. I was very close to death. Thankfully I was to term and she was healthy. Throughout my pregnancy however I was at risk because I gained a lot of weight. About 80 lbs. My feet stayed swollen to the point that I had to stop working bc I couldn't wear shoes or handle the standing for long hours. It took a whole year for the weight to finally come off even with diet and exercise. Pregnancy is definitely about more than maternity clothes and shopping for your baby.

    • KayCeiSoul

      This is no joke, and I almost slipped away from this ONE WEEK after I was home with my baby. The fluid built up so bad that it was in my lungs, my blood pressure was off the charts, and my heart was being affected by it. I could barely breathe.

      I did not swell during my pregnancy - I swelled AFTER I delivered, plus I was given too much IV fluid.

      Kim had better realize that this is not cute, nor is it to be taken lightly. :no:

    • KayCeiSoul

      @ Metro - Girl I just scrolled back up and read your comment!!! DITTO!

      Same thing here. It was almost all bad. And this is happening to more and more women of ALL ages. I am not sure what they are using during surgery or delivery that affects our blood pressure like that, but something needs to be investigated. This never happened as much even 10 years ago. Now almost every woman I know that has delivered has a similar story.

    • Paige

      Unshakable it started around the third trimester. Lasted throughout my pregnancy. Doc said it was from fluid pressing on the nerve. I gained alot of weight. Next time I will be very careful about how much weight I gain. Many people have the misconception you are eating for two...but thats a growing fetus and yourself. Not two adults! LOL...