Kim Kardashian cropped out of Vogue gallery

Anna Wintour is not playing with Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian’s sperm donor, rapper Kanye West, 35, reportedly begged Vogue‘s 63-year-old Editor-in-chief to give Kim a chance to attend the ultra swanky 2013 Met Gala earlier this week.

But Kim, 32, decided to show up to Wintour’s respectable gala wearing a floral sofa slip cover. The disrespect was too much for the fashion maven who once compared Kim to a pair of socks.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Anna Wintour

Wintour has previously banned Kardashian from attending her Met Galas due to Kardashian’s narcissistic urge to steal the spotlight. But Wintour gave in because West was performing at this year’s event.

After Kim attempted to upstage the 2013 Met Costume Ball with her ridiculous floral attire, Wintour ordered her art department to crop Kim out of the gallery highlighting the Best Dressed at the Met.

Wintour could have simply chosen a photo of Kanye West posing solo on the red carpet, but she decided to teach Kim a lesson by making sure that we see only Kim’s hand in the photo.

To be reduced to just a hand shot in the Vogue gallery must be a crushing blow to a narcissist like Kim, for whom public image is everything.

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