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Keri Hilson tweet

Lately, celebrities have begun leaving messages for me in my Direct Message inbox on Normally I don’t share my DMs with the public, but in this case I will because singer Keri Hilson thinks she’s slick.

Yesterday morning Keri tweeted this on her Twitter timeline: “It’s nice when your hard work affords you the luxury of doing whatever you want, whenever you want. That’s the goal, right?”

I responded by tweeting: “Wrong. The goal is to enrich the lives of others, not your own.”

Moments later, Keri left me a private DM saying she was surprised to see that response coming from the likes of me — as if to say that I’m a hater who doesn’t enrich the lives of others.

But she’s wrong on that front, too.

Keri Hilson tweet

Yes, I may attack your favorite celebrities because they are in the public eye, but I also use my blog in positive ways by giving my readers information they can use, such as my Medical Minutes.

Imagine if I tweeted: “The only reason I’m blogging is to make money to buy whatever I want, whenever I want” — and then I followed that up with the ignorant statement, “isn’t that the goal of blogging?”

I’m never surprised when celebrities like Keri Hilson show their true colors. The only reason they seek stardom is to draw attention to themselves because most of them are narcissists who believe the world revolves around them.

Philanthropists like Bill Gates, Ted Turner and Bill Cosby would never tweet such ignorance. They earmark a large chunk of their vast fortunes to enrich the lives of others — without drawing attention to themselves.

Many celebrities ignore their social responsibilities. They honestly believe their fans exist to enrich their lives.

They have no clue that they are obligated to use their stardom for the better good of their people.

Celebrities routinely shove their wealth in their fans’ faces, tweeting photos of stacks of money, jewelry and cars because they are shallow, self centered and materialistic.

Nothing more needs to be said.

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