Beyonce in Houston

Beyonce Martin tribute

While in Atlanta for a concert over the weekend, Beyonce took a private, guided tour of the historic birth home and church of civil rights icon Martin Luther King. On Monday she posted photos paying homage to Dr. King on her personal website, which were mistaken for a tribute to slain Miami teenager Trayvon Martin.

Sources tell me that Beyonce’s publicist fielded numerous phone calls all day yesterday from the media who thought Beyonce’s photo tribute was a subtle protest of the Zimmerman not guilty verdict. So Beyonce instructed her webmaster to add a photo of Dr. King to her website to clarify who the tribute was intended for.

Beyonce Martin tribute

Beyonce could have simply left it the way it was and allowed her website’s visitors to draw their own conclusions as to who the tribute was for. But public image is everything to a narcissist, especially after she caught flack from the media for requesting a moment of silence for Trayvon during her concert on Saturday in Nashville, Tennessee.

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