Marcus Jordan

Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan, is blaming a hacker for accidentally tweeting a pic of his penis on Saturday. Marcus, who is rumored to be gay, tweeted a pic of his genitals at 10:41 p.m., according to The 22-year-old quickly deleted the tweet and followed up with another tweet that read “#mistake my bad.”

“Anyway, what’s poppin Twitter,” Marcus tweeted early Sunday.

When his Twitter followers teased Marcus about his, shall we say, shortcomings he queened out.

“My homies hitting me up talking about some pic that was posted from my account.. I mean really? Y’all think I don’t know how to work this?” he tweeted.

Marcus Jordan

Unlike most notable Twitter users who were actually hacked for real, Marcus didn’t make a fuss about it until his friends doubted his story about his Twitter being hacked.

“Whoever it was posted it and deleted it.. THEN posted that “mistake” tweet on my page.. Lol Good one.. But #CmonSon that ain’t me,” he tweeted.

“This would be my what, 3rd “accidental” tweet.. #FOH” Marcus tweeted before deleting his Twitter account.

Marcus isn’t fully out of the closet yet but he’s working on it. NBA great Earvin “Magic” Johnson also has a gay son, EJ.