Tamar Braxton son

As most new moms already know, the greatest Love of all is the Love between a mother and her newborn child. It’s nearly impossible for a mother to carry a baby for 9 months and not fall in Love the moment she sees her newborn. But some women with personality disorders (and other issues) usually don’t bond immediately with a newborn. Some women don’t bond at all with their children. These women usually have babies for all the wrong reasons such as to keep a man or to boost ratings on a reality TV show.

Some new moms see their babies as more of an inconvenience than a new life to be Loved and nurtured. I’m not saying that’s the case with reality TV star Tamar Braxton, who said seeing her newborn son for the first time was not love at first sight.

From Cocoa Fab via Rhymeswithsnitch.com:

“Logan is everything. He is so yummy. Immediately everything changes but immediately you don’t fall in love. But I heard that you do, but they lied. Somebody lied. Just like you fall in love with a person, its just like that. They’re little people. He is so yummy.”

Logan’s daddy is music executive Vince Herbert, who should be worried about his wife’s revelation.

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