Diner given wrong credit card

A Bay Area diner who was given the wrong credit card was arrested after she went on a shopping spree with the card.

Police say Jheline Demesa, 22, of Leandro, dined at at Ray’s Crab Shack at 5989 Mowry Ave., where the waitress mistakenly handed her a credit card belonging to a diner at an adjacent table. Instead of returning the card to the waitress, Demesa paid for her meal and immediately went shopping at a mall across the street from the restaurant.

From CBS Local:

The real cardholder tried to cancel the credit card a short time later but learned that transactions had been made on it at the NewPark Mall across the street, Newark police Cmdr. Mike Carroll said.

The victim notified police about the incident at 6:20 p.m., Carroll said.

The restaurant owner managed to find an image of Demesa captured by a surveillance camera inside the eatery and gave it to the victim, who went to the mall to look for her, Carroll said.

The victim and mall security located Demesa then notified police, Carroll said.

Officers arrested Demesa shortly after 8 p.m. on suspicion of commercial burglary and credit card fraud, Carroll said.

Demesa was released on bail Sunday, according to online jail records. No mugshot is available.