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Usher and Tameka Raymond in court

Moments ago, Judge John J. Goger denied Tameka Raymond's request for primary custody of her two sons with singer Usher Raymond.

After the judge gave his decision, Tameka and Usher hugged in open court. Tameka filed for an emergency hearing on Tuesday after one of her sons nearly drowned on Monday.

Both Usher and Tameka took the stand saying the other was unfit to raise their 2 children, Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond, 4.

But after hearing from both sides, Judge Goger let stand a previous judge's order giving Usher primary custody of his kids.

Usher and Tameka Raymond in court

During testimony, Tameka broke down on the witness stand saying she didn't know if her son, Usher Raymond V, suffered brain damage as a result of his near drowning at a house on Howell Mill Road Monday. The boy is still hospitalized at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Atlanta.

According to a source close to Tameka's camp who spoke exclusively to, Cinco is still in the hospital because Tameka has concerns that he may develop pneumonia from the chlorinated water he inhaled into his lungs.

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    • San ah make ya dance

      At least they could hug and hopefully one day soon, when feelings arent so involved they can amicably care for those kids.

    • luVn_liFe…

      It was an accident Judge said this Motion had NO BASIS.
      He was sick of the shenanigans From the jump

    • steph L

      I pray for all involved! They have to work together for the kids sake.

    • luVn_liFe…

      San ah make ya dance says:when feelings arent so involved they can amicably care for those kids.
      It'll never Happen,they stay trying to one up each other :no:

    • anw_rootbeer

      That wasted time could have been spent embracing their kids and saying some prayers!

    • heartland

      Thanks for the play by play recap ladies, felt like I was there ...have a great weekend, I'm heading for the hills :bye:

    • San ah make ya dance

      It’ll never Happen,they stay trying to one up each other
      You don't think 5 or 10 yrs will help :yes: You know how long feelings be in the way sometimes :no:

    • luVn_liFe…

      Ur right it was a BIG WASTE OF TIME and money.Clogging up the courts with that NoNsense.
      The more she tries the More unstable she looks.

    • anw_rootbeer

      It's gonna be a long 14-15 years until these boys turn 18! & ON THAT NOTE goodbye ALL...Have a great weekend

    • luVn_liFe…

      San ah make ya dance says:

      It’ll never Happen,they stay trying to one up each other
      You don’t think 5 or 10 yrs will help :yes: You know how long feelings be in the way sometimes
      NOPE Tameka seems very vindictive and she Seems to harbor hatred in her heart.

    • San ah make ya dance

      @Luvn I tried to give em hope :lol: Really a shame tho

    • Sandra Rose

      It's a good thing the judge didn't make everyone wait the entire weekend for his decision.

    • Sandra Rose

      Have a good weekend @ anw_rootbeer, heartland and everyone! :waves:

    • luVn_liFe…

      Sandra Rose says:It’s a good thing the judge didn’t make everyone wait the entire weekend for his decision.~
      Sandrita he didnt have time for that,He didnt wanna hear it any longer after the firsdt 5 mins or so.

    • luVn_liFe…

      I dont feel there's any hope,MY biggest issue is the FACT that she left her family;i.e. husband and KIDS for Usher,she didnt fight for those boys OR FIGHT for them after kile's accident.
      Which for me goes to show her vindictiveness

    • Crickett

      If my children are not under my roof at the end of the day I'm like the Tuskegee Airmen- WE FIGHT WE FIGHT WE FIGHT, my kids will know I fought tooth and nail for them.

    • Smonae

      Ion think Tameka thinking rationally, it was an accident. But maybe just the thought of losing another son sent her over the edge :shrugs:

    • Smonae

      Damn Luvn,

      I need to read up on this chick, she left her fam to be with Usher :shocked:
      She aint take the kids wit her, aw hell naw :nono:

    • deedeegirl

      The best thing for everyone is for those two to work together. But I'm sure a big part of what is separating Tameka from her kids is under lock and key in the psych report. I feel badly for any parent that wants to be with their kids but can't. But sometimes you make your own bed.

    • luVn_liFe…

      Smonae says:I need to read up on this chick, she left her fam to be with Usher :shocked:
      She aint take the kids wit her, aw hell naw :nono:
      thats what was said on the BOARD earlier,which i thought i had read that previously . . .
      AGAIN why NOW?

    • goat76

      They prolly still phuckin.

    • luVn_liFe…

      @DEEDEEGirl ur right,
      Again i say,her waiting on something to happen SO She can argue the boyz are in a dangerous,unhealthy Environment;Doesnt Get her Favored less crazy in these Judges eyes,NO?

    • AllNYC

      I'd be pissed as hail if I had to leave my son's hospital bedside for some BS emergency custody hearing!

    • deedeegirl

      @luVn I think anyone can understand why she tried to gain custody, including the judge. But I think given any valid motivation she would try. His ruling was not about the accident if you ask me, it's about what's in that report.

    • Miany

      Goat. ...they both seem crazy based on the recap I receive so yeah I think they are too

    • luVn_liFe…

      @Diana_Mello 1m

      @TamekaRaymond U are truely a patheric human being and your court appearance was cringe worthy to watch. All you want is Usher's $$$$$$$$$$$

    • ohpretty1

      Family court is depressing.
      Now rush back to your baby and pray over him...together. #nojudging

    • Yardgirl

      Happy weekend y'all!! :happy:

      Ursh should have listened to his mama when she tried to keep him away from that woman, instead he kicked mama to the curb. I have never liked that nucca since then :coffee:

    • Milky

      Tameka shole is uuggglyy!

    • Kynedy L

      I really hope they can co parent one day soon. If both parents are alive and well, there's no need to put this type of mental stress on the kids. Oh and Tameka must have some kind of custody if she has say to keep him in the hospital. Get well little cutie pie!

    • FaylaHasReinstatedBrendenOnTheWhipfinity :whip: BOD(Pending90DayProbationPeriod)

      Welp.. :shrug:

      Still in the waiting room :bite:

    • FaylaHasReinstatedBrendenOnTheWhipfinity :whip: BOD(Pending90DayProbationPeriod)

      I think them hugging is a good sign :)

    • FaylaHasReinstatedBrendenOnTheWhipfinity :whip: BOD(Pending90DayProbationPeriod)

      Benadryl got me sooo sleepy :yawn: :zzz:

    • MsB2u

      We all knew this was going to happen,tameka got issues(money)

    • melissak380


    • MoniquetheGeek

      In other (and more random) news that no one cares about, I just read that Andre Leon Talley is not gay and is in fact in love with two women. I wish this emote worked in text/tweets ---> :shocked:

    • ShoYaRight

      Tameka didn't help her cause by being so talkative and not answering direct questions. Even when her own lawyers were presenting questions in her favor, she didn't play along right. Also, she kept ignoring the judge when he told her repeatedly to calm down or be quiet. I can only imagine the negative things that was running through his mind the whole time she was up there.

      Usher is a dyck, Plain and simple. Initially when he was answering questions, he came off sincere, but when Meka's lawyer asked him questions about why he didn't notify Meka right away or why he lied and said it was just a cut, his tone, confidence and composure wavered. She proceeded to get that azz together.

      I'm also concerned that he hasn't spent the night in the hospital and didn't respond to Meka's notification that they had to perform an emergency EKG on his son. It's very telling.

      The best thing for him, the kids and the family would be to just share custody of the kids and move forward. His life would probably end up so much better in terms of the drama.

      What I don't understand is why the general public hated his relationship with Chili and Tameka, older women...but no one says anything about his relationship with Grace, also a much older woman. Like why does Grace get a pass?

    • ShoYaRight

      MoniquetheGeek says:

      In other (and more random) news that no one cares about, I just read that Andre Leon Talley is not gay and is in fact in love with two women. I wish this emote worked in text/tweets —>

      A point of clarification...Andre's interview with Vanity Fair said he doesn't identify himself as "GAY" but has had very gay experiences. And that he had fallen in love with two women in the past.

      It was a very eye opening interview, especially with respect to Anna Wintour and racism in fashion editorial.

    • FaylaHasReinstatedBrendenOnTheWhipfinity :whip: BOD(Pending90DayProbationPeriod)

      Hubby is fine. Have a great weekend everybody :bye:

    • Ni ni

      Shoyaright, maybe because grace and ursh havent been seen together in a while-in the blogs but when I do see her with them they rip her to shreds as well. A lot of people, men & womem cant stand to see a man with an older woman for some reason I cant understand.

    • ShoYaRight

      Ni ni, I notice that he keeps a very low profile with Grace. But the fans chew her out too huh? Interesting.

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Fay that's good to hear :hug:

    • Audacious2

      Aw, the hug of comfort was a nice gesture. I think they can work it out peacefully. I saw a video clip of the hearing and it seems to me Tamika snubbed the judge the wrong way by making demands for "certified / qualified" caretakers for the boys over a grandparent or aunts care. The judge felt that was too extra... He stated basically, we've all been cared for by a grandma or aunt and still were highly cared for.

    • datsmdubya2u

      i dislike how people go in on Tameka...i feel it's only because she's dark skinned and not conventionally beautiful other women think somehow someway she took their place at Ursher's side :rofl:

      she's no angel but neither was usher and none of us are.

    • datsmdubya2u

      but ursher's face in that huggin pic..

      he look like "this bish" :rolleyes:

    • sassyshe

      Hi all. This govt has reduced me to a lurker, cant get time to put my 2 cents in. But had to in regards to ush and his ex cray.

      Judge didnt listen to her "medical expertise" because if an emergency procedure is needed mds only notify family in case there is liability, doctors do not

      Many people didnt like chilli/usher, meka/usher relationship cause these two presented as opportunists. Chilli cause left eye was not tryna be part of tlc and Dallas was on mars so she didnt have relevance and meka was tryna take a cue out of the shsunie oneal book and get her a good come up. Grace has never try to insert herself in ush limelight, shes just happy to have a young stud.

      Finally meka need to realize something about Georgia. When thd fathers income is 6 figures and more, resides especially in the wealthy areas of Gwinnett, fulton and dekalb counties and can hire a pitbull/bully as a lawyer 9 out of 10 times hes coming out with full custody or physical custody where he has 70 % decision making. I mean any state that takes into consideration mothers income to determine child support would show favoritism to fathers who are willing to throw money at the courts.

    • datsmdubya2u


      i hear you but i think usher only took the kids so he wouldn't have to pay anything...

      If meka didn't want support she'd have the kids right now they'd all be on foodstamps and ursher wouldn't give 2 phucks

    • sassyshe

      @dats agreed. Meka problem was that she still wanted to act as mrs raymond and take the man back to court for more alimony and child support. In georgia court system its very easy for a man with money to make you a non factor in your kids life. If meka had chilled and leave well enough alone she wouldnt be in this predicament today