Usher and Tameka Raymond in court

Moments ago, Judge John J. Goger denied Tameka Raymond’s request for primary custody of her two sons with singer Usher Raymond.

After the judge gave his decision, Tameka and Usher hugged in open court. Tameka filed for an emergency hearing on Tuesday after one of her sons nearly drowned on Monday.

Both Usher and Tameka took the stand saying the other was unfit to raise their 2 children, Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond, 4.

But after hearing from both sides, Judge Goger let stand a previous judge’s order giving Usher primary custody of his kids.

Usher and Tameka Raymond in court

During testimony, Tameka broke down on the witness stand saying she didn’t know if her son, Usher Raymond V, suffered brain damage as a result of his near drowning at a house on Howell Mill Road Monday. The boy is still hospitalized at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital in Atlanta.

According to a source close to Tameka’s camp who spoke exclusively to, Cinco is still in the hospital because Tameka has concerns that he may develop pneumonia from the chlorinated water he inhaled into his lungs.

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