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Bob Woodson

A speaker at a Republican National Committee luncheon commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington said issues concerning the gays and immigrants take priority over black people.

Bob Woodson, the head of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprises, blamed black leaders for ignoring the real problems facing blacks in America.

“Everybody has come in front of them on the bus — gays, immigrants, women, environmentalists,” said Woodson. “You never hear any talk about the conditions confronting poor blacks and poor people in general.”

Woodson criticized black leaders for mourning Trayvon Martin but not Chris Lane, the Australian man who was killed in Oklahoma by 3 teenagers, 2 of whom were black.

“If Dr. King were alive today, he would not be just talking about justice for Trayvon Martin,” said Woodson, who is black. ”He would also give a prayer for this 18-year-old man, this little baby, who was shot in the face by two black kids.

From Washington Post:

“We should pray for the families of these people just as we do the family of Trayvon Martin. We should not wait for a white face before we get outraged. Evil is evil, whether it wears a white face or not.”

Recognizing that strong reaction to his words, Woodson didn’t back down.

“I’m sorry to be the skunk at the garden party, but I think if Dr. King were alive today, he would step on some of these sacred issues,” Woodson said.

At the end of his remarks, Woodson was greeted with a standing ovation.

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    • Man, I just don’t care™

      Shut yo BLACK azz up.

    • goat76

      Man, I just don't care™ says:

      Shut yo BLACK azz up.
      I was gonna say something along those lines.

    • Gigi26

      You know..I ain't even mad at him for speaking his mind cuz he's kinda right.

      The Gays and Immigrants get the ish shaking cuz they are one word:


      If we were as organized as we were back in the 60s with Dr King, Malcolm X, the Smokie Carmichael and the rest of them that played a role in the Civil Rights Movement, man we would really change somethings.

      But one month after the verdict, its back to the same ole unfortunately.

      The system won't change until we collectively fight to change it. Not just March, but actively do more.

    • ChanAintShyt

      @ Man, that Gravi, lmaoooo

    • Jdore

      I agree with some of what he said tho :tea:

    • FuturedocDonte

      We should not wait for a white face before we get outraged. Evil is evil, whether it wears a white face or not.”
      agree with u here sir :coffee:

    • brownewoman

      He's 100% right. Y'all too busy marching, ain't your feet tired??
      Motion without action IS NOT PROGRESS! The same ground game that Prez Obama used (with precision and organization) is what y'all should be using to claim your rightful place in American History. After the 60's y'all fell off and now your children suffer. AA's are like the walking dead, no direction but only a few survive. SMH

      I'm not from the USA, but as an outsider looking in, I wonder what went wrong from the 60's??

    • Gigi26

      @brownewoman: we got fukkin complacent. We thought we got the damn job done because they integrated schools and started locking up folk.

      Then the 70s happened and ppl was too busy shaking their asses n shyt to really keep on it.

      Then the 80s happened. Shiiid I won't even get into that. :no:

      Then the 90s. I won't touch that either.

      Ppl are not as organized. We get a dollar we happy with it and say fukk it, while Billy Bob is getting two and is laughing at our ass.

    • Sandra Rose


    • BoringMale

      I think Aaron McGruder hit MLK right on the head. Dr. King would be really annoyed with how black behave now, sorta like how Bill Cosby is.

    • GottaBigOne

      The RNC Speaker is Totally . . . Correct!!!
      [The truth hurts for some of you Ig'nant folk not in the sense of being stupid as hell but in not knowing or aware of the deep-seeded issues confronting our Race!]

    • Ty

      He is right to a certain extent :yes: I mentioned this is the chicken wing post downstairs. We don't realize how powerful we are when we work together. Unfortunately we cant unite and damn sure not organized :(

    • likeCaesar

      I'm tired of people making the argument against the mourning of Trayvon Martin as oppose to other crimes such as black on black crime and the incident mentioned w/ those three monsters that killed the Australian simply for fun.

      In the case of Trayvon Martin there was the appearance of iniquities and institution prejudice, which led to protests and outcry. In the incident mentioned above the three little delinquents were promptly arrested and will surely be tried and convicted. Rightfully so!

      Evil is evil. Justice is justice. Justice will be served in the case of the Australian. Justice was NOT served in the case of Trayvon Martin.

      There faux black conservatives are blinded by ambition and their newly secured financial/social standing that they cannot see that they are being used to undermine the actual efforts being made within the community. The GOP doesn't give a damn about black people and will stop at nothing to prevent our voices from being heard. Hence, the Supreme court gutting the Voting Rights Act and extreme redistricting in RED states following the 2010 census!

      Don't be fooled! Democrats aren't perfect, but certainly the lesser of the two evils. GOP is plain wrong for middle class, minorities, and the poor.

    • likeCaesar

      And for all of you praising this speaker saying he is 100 percent right...have a seat.

      While he made some valid points, the crowd to which he is pandering has no intentions on helping to fix the state of the black community. They simply needed some sound bites to thwart racist claims from the left. Feeding into this kinda propaganda was exactly what they intended!!!

      @BoringMale You'd never catch Bill Cosby speaking to the RNC, because he knows that you don't have to pander to bigots to be critical of the black community and/or its leaders.

    • brownewoman

      @likeCaesar, I already have my seat. It's a front row seat watching AA's on the path to 10th class citizen in the USA. AA's have no social collateral. You fought for civil rights but immigrants are the ones benefiting. AA collective mindset is still set in the 16-1900's. AA's inherited a cultural legacy that keeps you divided and not productive. The series PTSD (Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder) should be taught in the homes.
      Other races have things they do collectively (Jews celebrate yom kippur etc.) that keep them focused.