Bill Cosby Talks to Don Lemon

Comedian and philanthropist Bill Cosby says there are some serious issues affecting black America and he knows how to solve them.

In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, Cosby, 76, said black women are the majority head of households, and he wants to see more black men taking responsibility for their sons.

“I think it has to come from the universities,” he said. “I think, women, strongly because when you see 70 percent, in research, that says they are the leaders of the household, what we need is for people to realize I want to raise my kid. I want to go back and get my three kids. I want to take on that responsibility. I want to love my children.”

Cosby also criticized “no-gross” who don’t provide solutions but are quick to blame him for focusing on the problems in the black community.

Cosby, pictured above right with Jesse Jackson, also said he would like to see more black men going to college, and he admonished the juvenile justice system for medicating troubled youths then putting them back out on the streets.

“If you drug these people, and then you release them, and there’s no prescription for them to get to take to do the same thing, and they go back to the same place,” he said, adding “Now, about this time, this is when you hear the no-groes jump up and say ‘Why don’t you talk about the good things?’”

“Okay, you backed up and didn’t do well,” Cosby said. “You quit school but now you find you need that high school credential. Go to the community college.”

“At age 19 and a half, I knew I didn’t want to do certain things,” the actor said. “It is not what they weren’t doing to me, it’s what I wasn’t doing. It’s a very simple thing.”

Cosby also took a swipe at loud black women when he recalled a conversation he once had with the late singer Sammy Davis Jr.

“We were playing in a routine, and I told him I knew something. He said no you don’t. I said yes, I do. I said it. He said no, that’s not the way it goes. I said the same thing louder. He said, ‘Bill, saying it loud don’t make it right.’”

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