Rihanna and Melissa Forde

According to a source near and dear to Sandrarose.com, Rihanna and her bestie, Melissa Forde, fell out recently. My source says Mel, who is the no-nonsense type, abandoned Rihanna on tour last month and flew back to their native Barbados because of Rihanna’s unnatural obsession over ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

But according to In Touch Weekly, the two women had a loud cat fight over Mel’s rude behavior to her staff and hangers ons, including a former Bajan stripper who has tried many times to replace Mel in Rihanna’s heart.

From In Touch:

“The screaming match started when Rihanna heard Mel was talking behind her back and being rude to her staff and security,” explains a childhood friend of the pair. The singer called out her longtime best friend on her diva-like behavior.

Melissa has just over 350,000 Instagram followers and around 70,000 Twitter followers and often gets the same perks as Rihanna herself. Perhaps the fame was getting to her head or could jealousy issues be the problem? Their friend tells the mag, “There’s always been an underlying tension between Melissa and Rihanna.”

But the girls gave each other some time to cool off and the insider adds to In Touch, “Melissa’s back on the tour, at least for now!”

Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images