LeBron James

Most Instagram users spend their time following their friends or keeping up with their favorite celebrities. But a core of women known as Groupies follow professional athletes in order to catalogue their vast riches in the hopes of one day meeting the athlete and taking possession of his wealth in family court after the baby arrives. This is why accountants advise young athletes not to floss their wealth on social media. But do they listen?

In December, Miami Heat player Roger Mason Jr. and his sister were robbed at a restaurant. He was relieved of his expensive Rolex wrist watch, which was recovered the next day following a high speed police chase. Two suspects were taken into custody. The robbers also stole his sister’s high end purse. The purse wasn’t recovered.

In April, Miami Heat center Chris Bosh’s Miami mansion was looted while he was out celebrating his birthday, which was live tweeted by partygoers. The burglars knew exactly how much time they had to empty Adrienne Bosh’s walk-in closets. The stolen booty included most of Adrienne’s high end bags and Bosh’s expensive jewelry, some of which were catalogued on the Bosh’s individual Instagram accounts — making it easy for the burglars to go on a five finger discount shopping spree inside their closets.

The following is a list of professional athletes who haven’t quite learned their lessons yet.

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James was seen flossing his LeBron James Limited Edition Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore timepiece on Instagram and Twitter recently. AP values their collaboration with King James so much that they engraved his name on the back of every watch. You too can floss like James, if you have a spare $51,500 laying around.

Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union

Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade went all out to keep his longtime girlfriend (and now fiancée) Gabrielle Union happy after he misplaced his penis inside a groupie and she gave birth to his 3rd son late last year. Wade even celebrated his birthday with his own personalized yacht for the night.

Floyd Mayweather Bentley limo

When you have a couple hundred million burning a hole in your wallet, you have unlimited material things to spend your money on. Athletes like Floyd “Money” Mayweather splurge their cash on a collection of women and luxury automobiles like this stretch Bentley limousine worth just north of a million dollars.

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard of the Houston Rockets captioned this picture of his pricey diamond encrusted timepiece, “What time is it lol.” But as the Bleacher report notes, “if you get close enough, you can hear it whisper, “please rob me.”

Kevin Durant

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant goes by the username Easymoneysniper on Instagram.com. Flossing his gold and diamond encrusted jewelry online is one of his favorite pastimes.

Chris Paul Nike

Chris Paul, of the Los Angeles Clippers, recently took delivery of boxes and boxes of not-yet-released Nike basketball shoes worth untold thousands of dollars. When Paul isn’t home the UPS driver simply drops the boxes and leaves. We know this because Paul uploaded a photo of one such delivery on his Instagram account. You can thank him later.

Darnell Dockett

Darnell Dockett, of the Arizona Cardinals, sitting on his Jet Ski.

Scottie Upshall

Scottie Upshall, of the Florida Panthers, has his own helicopter.

Antrel Rolle

Why not spoil yourself with NY Giants Safety Antrel Rolle‘s expensive jewelry?