Keri Hilson

Good news for you men who thought you missed your chance to get with gorge singer Keri Hilson. It looks like the Dopamine has faded for Keri and her NBA boyfriend Serge Ibaka.

From Power 105.1 FM:

Singer Keri Hilson and Nba Baller Serge Ibaka confirms that they are no longer togther. She’s been working on her new album and it looks like its going to be a heartbreaking and sorrowing.

A source close to the singer, says that Keri built her whole world around Serge, she was even putting her album on hold from time to time to travel with her baller around the globe. Also this isn’t the first time that they’ve split, but in recent months it grew even worst and now this is the final split!

From the looks of her Instagram, she have just been posting messages about moving on and no recent photo’s with Serge in weeks.

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