Video of mother fighting kid in store

It’s shameful what people will do for 15 minutes of Internet fame. Loyal reader Jeniefrumdabloc was so concerned over the violence depicted in this video that she sent me the link. “This is awful Auntie,” she wrote in her email. The video shows a mother fighting with her son after a shopper accused the boy of stealing grapes. But after viewing the video for a minute or so, it became apparent that the action in the video was totally staged. The mother’s reaction to the grape stealing is over-the-top and comical.

This video makes light of a chronic problem in the black community: domestic violence and child abuse. Laws have been tightened to prosecute parents who beat their children. But whippings and other forms of abuse still runs rampant in the black community where blacks cite religion and cultural tradition to excuse their violent behavior toward their own children.

We have to do better, but staging this type of prank in public is not the way to attract attention to the issue.

Watch the video below. Caution: Excessive profanity.