Terrell Owens and Rachel Snider

When the news broke that former NFL star Terrell Owens, 40, got hitched to a postal worker in a Norwalk, Calif. courthouse, many scoffed that the marriage was fake. Owens and his new bride, Rachel Snider, were reportedly in such a hurry to get married that they didn’t exchange rings.

According to TerezOwens.com, a source says Terrell got married for “business reasons.” Well there’s no better business for washed up professional athletes than reality shows. The pay is decent and they get a chance to luxuriate in the glow of the spotlight that they so crave. But others are whispering that Owens is a homosexual who needed to fake a marriage to convince producers that he’s really a ladies man. Owens’ last reality show was a total disaster. This is certainly not the first time Owens has pulled a fast one for publicity.