Donald Sterling racist rant caught on tape

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling is in hot water for a racist rant that was caught on tape. In an audio obtained by gossip tabloid, Sterling, who dates a mixed woman, is heard telling his GF he does not want her bringing black people to his NBA games -- including NBA legend Magic Johnson.

The conversation took place after Sterling's girlfriend, V. Stiviano, posted an photo of herself posing with Magic Johnson (she has since deleted the photo).

In the audio, Sterling corrects Stiviano -- who is part black and part Mexican -- for taking photos with a black man.

"It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?," Sterling says.

"You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it on that ... and not to bring them to my games."

At another point in the conversation, Sterling said: "I’m just saying, in your lousy f******* Instagrams, you don’t have to have yourself with, walking with black people."

Apparently Sterling was angry that his friends were calling him about his girlfriends association with Johnson.

"...Don't put him [Magic] on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me. And don't bring him to my games."

Notable black people -- including Magic Johnson -- are calling for Clippers players to wear black during the 2014 NBA playoffs.

But it is hard to believe his players didn't know Sterling was openly racist. He has been sued twice by the federal government for refusing to rent apartments to blacks or Hispanics, among other racially insensitive transgressions.

Ironically, Sterling's estranged wife Shelly Sterling is suing V. Stiviano for being the definition of a gold digger.

In court documents, Shelly claims Stiviano embezzled $1.8 million from an old man by engaging in "conduct designed to target, befriend, seduce and then receives gifts or transfers of wealth from older men whom she targets for such purposes.”

Stiviano says everything she received were gifts.

Sterling and Stiviano met at the Super Bowl in 2010.

  • oohlalalun

    I wonder what his excuse will be. Does he know that his girlfriend is mixed or is it okay bc she's also Mexican and she's exotic? His croonies will come out and defend him bc he didn't come right out and say n*****.

  • oohlalalun

    Thanks for the Saturday post Sandy!

  • thriftStoreJungle

    thanks for the weekend post, auntie. as the write up says... this man's comments should surprise no one. for good measure mr. sterling may benefit from a black friend since clearly his YT ones don't give a damn about helping him look his personal best.

  • Ms. YaYa

    He's been in trouble before for his racist behavior so I'm not surprised. I just wonder why the girlfriend gave the tape to TMZ....well, assuming she did.

  • Ms. YaYa

    And is that a closure he has on top of his head??? :huh:

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    understand in heaven there is no room for racism at all :tea: so whatever underlying feeling you have for any race has been created by man. Get right now :coffee: or suffer the consequences .....
    This man is educated yet ignorant... It speaks volumes.... you can have all the education in the world and still be a dummy and blind to whats in front of you. No shocker here

  • buddapecan

    Have y'all seen Snoop's response to this? *secretly giggles*

    But for real though...he's old, rich and white...not surprised at all!

  • Afiya

    Mayne, some sprites hatered for black folks just weighs heavy on their mongoose azzes. Look at this whiner, azz tanned as me but he hates Negroes : smack: NIGGER, kill yourself :mad: & FUKK YOU thimble dyck!!

  • Afiya

    *N I G G E R

  • Hax

    So, how did this conversation get recorded/leaked, anyway?

  • Hax

    Does he know that his girlfriend is mixed or is it okay bc she’s also Mexican and she’s exotic?


    Well, he also said it's ok for her to sleep with them. He just doesn't want them around "his" games.

  • Ms. YaYa

    @buddapecan Guuurrrll Snoop meant every single word, you hear me?

  • oohlalalun

    @Hax wayment I missed that part! I had to scroll up and re read. It's okay to sleep with us but any other association is wrong? Smh no words for this fool

  • sassyshe

    Hes one of those racists who believes he is doing good by sleeping with the people he hates

  • sassyshe

    And obviously she's a digger with no morals that for the love of his money and perks you would be with a man that demeans you. Im sure he often points to the gardeners telling her hes gonna have her out there working with her kind if she fuvks with him

  • BigCityGirl

    WOW!!! She must be getting some BIG $$$ from him to put up with his RACIST AZZ...she is definitely selling her SOUL. I would be very interested to know how TMZ got this audio. Did she forward the conversation to someone and they betrayed her maybe? I'm sure they have had conversations like this before....

    Donald Sterling has a I don't give a crap attitude so I can't wait to how this turns out. No matter what he says or does...He does NOT like black people...Now What?

  • Apparition

    Hope the players boycott at least one game. What Would Kobe Do?

  • Hax

    @oohlalalun Really, though. I had to read it twice just to make sure I was understanding it correctly. Like, she isn't allowed to bring them to the games, but she can boink them whenever she wants? :sideeye:

  • 2Unruly

    Where there is smoke there could be fire. Just wondering how many more audio files she may have, and if there are plan$ to leverage this into a richer retirement plan.

  • Hax

    And obviously she’s a digger with no morals that for the love of his money and perks you would be with a man that demeans you.


    She's probably not that bright, either. I mean, she's using him for money, yet she's recording his rants without telling him and posting them to TMZ? Gurl, what?

  • Sandra Rose

    oohlalalun says:

    I wonder what his excuse will be.

    He said TMZ altered the tape.

  • Sandra Rose

    After listening to the entire audio, I believe Sterling is an 80-year-old man who was afraid of losing his young, tender side piece to a multimillionaire black man. He allowed his jealousy to get the best of him and he probably said things he would later regret saying. When he said, "Don't bring [Magic] to my games," -- he knew Magic can come to any game he wants to. What he really meant to say was "Don't leave me for another man -- especially a rich, younger black man. Sterling allowed his jealousy to color his feelings, and he said things out of anger that he would probably regret later. We have all been there. We have all said things out of anger that we know we wouldn't want to hear ourselves say on the evening news. On the other hand, the sneaky heifer knew she was recording their conversation. So she painted herself in the best possible light -- probably because she knew she would use this audio against him later in court. :no:

  • Ms. YaYa

    I wonder what made her decide to leak the conversation in the first place :think:

  • Just Looking

    Good Day All and Ms. Sandra - Just finished reading the transcript of the call, and I agree with you! He's a 80 year old racist. PERIOD. He basically broke up with her over the phone....

    S/N she should have just picked up all those bags she wanted on Rodeo Drive, because he told her he ain't taking her arse to Europe.

    www. hiphopdx. com/ index / news /id.28504/ title.snoop-dogg-meek-mill-blast-los-angeles-clippers-owner-donald-sterling-over-racist-comments/

    One of his cronies, but a bug in his ear. It been reported in the past that Mr. Johnson it still "popular" with the ladies, and someone was like that young "s pic" you with, is f ucggy that Johnson N I G GA.

    It will never matter how much wealth blacks acquire. Just as the rancher said....67-year-old grandfather suggesting African Americans were "better off as slaves" because slavery taught work skills and enhanced family life.

    We need to obtain our own wealth and stop hating on each other, and uplift one another.


    But who was taping though?

  • Just Looking

    MS V - Believe it was here. Probably in a unrecorded conversation, she went on a rant. In the recorded call he repeatedly calls a natural born fighter and a angry person.

    I'm certain you can record conversation on most mobile devices now.

  • Crickett

    If he is paying her to be his mistress then she has to switch it up. I'm sure he is talking about black men, hell he owns a couple. He is threatened that one will snatch her up. Which might be her plan. I get the old white dude, he is putting her all up in first class and she doing whatever. Get out those black guys face. She must be through with him because she put his business out there. Jealous insecure men don't like other men period around their play things.

  • luVn_liFe…

    The Sterling Fam said she baited him and recorded it, she's a defendant in a lawsuit filed by the Sterling Estate. Supposedly she embezzled over a million dollars from him

  • Sandra Rose

    Ms. YaYa says:

    I wonder what made her decide to leak the conversation in the first place :thinking:

    I wonder how much TMZ paid her for the audio? :thinking:

  • Nakeya_J or Keke thanks to Unshake

    Bated him or not, he said what he really felt. Period. And Fluck him for it. So I can't bring my peoples to the game, because they are black, but you take black dollars and have black people playing on the damn team, busting their ass to get your old stupid ass a ring?! The fluck type shyt is that? Mind you, that thot that you called up is black you clown. So you don't like black people, but you don't mind putting your old saggy dyck in some black chooch? Is this ugly, fat, waste or air serious?! Fluck you sir. You, the dumb ass girl who I know you be calling a nigga but still sucking your button of a duck, and your family who deals with you. The nerve of you. Bet money he is a clans member under the cap. Let's see what the NBA does about this.

  • Hax

    Sandra Rose says:

    I wonder how much TMZ paid her for the audio?

    - - - - - - - -

    Compared to what he could give her? Hmm... She was probably just sick of him/his antics and decided to skip out, yet wanted to give him a final blow.

    Happy Saturday, folks :-)

  • Miss Iyana stay RAZZLING on you hating bishes :nun:

    Hey Y'all... thought I'd drop in and let you know Mrs. Razz and the fam are still breathing. :lol:

    Been in class so not much time to myself really other than the few social media breaks I get which are only minutes :wail:

    miss cutting up... I should be be able to after memorial day.

    Take care roses! :waves:

  • Miss Iyana stay RAZZLING on you hating bishes :nun:

    BTW, this fool must not have know or has forgotten his chick was black too...

    :no: he needs to manage to die soon.. skuuuuze me and my rudeness. :tea: (shouts out to Dubb!)

  • Miss Iyana stay RAZZLING on you hating bishes :nun:


    I know you all are sleep and all on the east coast, (I'm vamping out here on mountain time doing homework) but your girl (yeah I said it) Rihanna is clowning Mr. Sterling on Instagram tonight :rofl: :rofl:

  • luVn_liFe…

    For the record, this GF looks like a sheMALE
    And sounds it

  • cheeks8683

    It doesn't matter if she baited him, he still said what he said. I'm tired of people saying, well she is half-black so he can't be racist...Like what??? Its called "slave mentality". Slave owners raped black women left and right and were sexually attracted to black women but still hated black people as a whole...lynching still was a recreational sport on weeknights and by morning they depended on us to run their plantation smh....

  • Just Looking

    Period, he a racist! He broke up with her, gold digging behind and she's pissed!

    She has nothing to loose, she tricked her way through his money and his family is pissed, moreover his wife.

    Embezzled? Did she work for him, or have owner ship in his company? Beyond him GIVING or Gifting her money.

    "According to Mrs Sterling's lawsuit, cited by the Los Angles Times, over the past four years, her husband used their commonly owned resources to buy his girlfriend a 2012 Ferrari, a pair of Bentleys and a 2013 Range Rover worth a total of more than $500,000.
    In additional to the high-end vehicles, some of which are prominently featured on Stiviano's instagram account documenting her high-flying lifestyle, Mr Sterling also gifted her $1.8million to buy a duplex on West 4th Street in Los Angeles and $240,000 for living expenses.
    Mrs Sterling's lawsuit, which claims that her husband gave Stiviano money and presents without her consent, seeks full restitution along with unspecified compensatory damages."

  • rockstar

    White people have sex with animals. They think of black people as animals. It's suprising to me how they can hate a race of people but still be down to bed them in a minute. The girlfriend seems the type to only claim her mixed heritge when it suits her. Remember the man said she is suppose to be a delicate white or Latina. In the end Fuck both of them! Michael Jordan had the nerve to weigh in on this mess. Forgetting the fact that he just married a woman that is probably a racist. She married you for the dollars idiot.

    To all these "new black" folks. You are just a nigga with money to these white people, and they wil never see you as anything different.

  • Audacious2

    This man, Donald Sterling, has a long history with a trail of court cases involving his racial tension. What I can't believe is that the NAACP of LA hasn't heard of his good racial deeds before they decided to honor him with a Lifetime Achievement award next month. There's one case the justice dept. brought against him that really makes me sick, google : "Just evict that bitch" - this case alone should've started a boycott against him, not some argument with his unsuspecting transgender mistress. Speaking of Vanessa Maria Perez, aka V. Stiviano or whatever she calls herself, is a hot mystery mess. Caught a splash of hot tea yesterday about Ms. Perez-Stiviano, don't know if it's true or not so don't get burned with it. This woMan is suppose to have a twin sister who goes by the stage name of KayCola & is the estranged daughter of Old school R&b or jazzman Hubert Laws (Ronnie & Debra Laws). But Hubert had boy/girl twins. I peeped a pic via google of KayCola & she looks just like V. Perez. Now I wonder if the wife of Sterling knows this the reason why she is suing Perez for assets or gifts given by her husband. It was suspected Ms. Perez was a caregiver to the Sterlings son who overdosed last year, which is how they really met. This drama needs it's own script for the big screen. Just a damn shame, but Snoops message was funny in IG.

  • zurishay

    His "girlfriend" is MAN.