Michael Jackson impersonator

The Internet is buzzing about an odd Michael Jackson impersonation that was billed as the King of Pop returning to perform a new song in the form of a Hologram at the 2014 Billboard Awards. Whether it was hologram technology or not, it clearly was a Michael Jackson impersonation.

The (Caucasian) impersonator did not look like Michael and the body wasn’t his. The technology is here to bring Michael Jackson back onscreen — using an impersonator and superimposing his face over the impersonator’s face. But that’s not what we saw on the Billboard Awards last night.

Besides the fact that he’s dead, Michael has never performed that song particular before. So there would be no way to superimpose his face singing that new song.

Still, gullible Americans were manipulated into believing the drivel they saw onscreen during the Billboard Awards was really Michael Jackson appearing through the magic of Hologram technology.

It just goes to show you that mass delusions are real.