Brandon Jennings and LaSonatae Heckard

In my post titled “Tae Heckard is Brandon Jennings’ Problem Now” I told you that Tae was once married to a woman.

And since TMZ lives on my blog, someone on TMZ’s staff did a little digging and uncovered a civil union license with Tae and another woman’s names on it.

Before Tae ties the knot with Brandon (and his financial assets), she must first divorce her wife.

Brandon Jennings and LaSonatae Heckard

I have to hand it to Tae, she is very good at finding suckers to fund the lifestyle she has grown accustomed to.

I remember seeing Tae and her butch “husband” onstage at a lesbian party years ago. She was very emotional, flashing her ring and professing her undying love to her stud. You couldn’t tell me they wouldn’t be together for at least a year the way Tae was crying and carrying on.

I give Brandon 6 months to come to his senses and launch this trisexual gold digger.


According to TMZ Tae Heckard just filed papers to legally end her domestic partnership with former mate Monique Blanton.

Tae also dropped Blanton as her last name restoring her legal name Heckard.

Tae and Monique partnered up in 2008 and separated in 2011.

Brandon Jennings confirmed his engagement to Tae Heckard earlier this month.

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