Beyonce's Sister Attacks Jay Z in Elevator

All of social media is buzzing about a surveillance video that shows singer Beyonce standing by meekly while her sister, Solange Knowles goes HAM on Bey’s husband Jay Z in an elevator.

The video, which was obtained by gossip tabloid, shows Solange being restrained by Beyonce’s bodyguard, Julius, after Solo stepped to Jay Z and then punched him in the chest.

Solange is seen kicking the aging rapper who grabs her foot.

Amazingly, Beyonce just stood there like a well-trained Stepford Wife and did nothing as her sister completely lost it in the elevator.

Beyonce either agreed with whatever set Solange off, or she has seen this type of violent behavior from her sister before. Every man wants a well-trained wife like Beyonce.

The violence apparently took place after the trio attended the Met Gala in NYC last week. Beyonce, Jay Z and Julius were the only people in the elevator at the time of the incident.

Afterwards, Jay Z got into a separate car while Beyonce and her sister drove off together.

This wouldn’t be the first time Jay Z and Beyonce arrived in separate cars in recent months. If you recall, Jay Z and Beyonce left a restaurant in separate cars in this post.

Are the rumors true that Jay Z and Beyonce have a marriage of convenience, and that their agreement calls for them to make public appearances together?