Ciara baby son

Singer Ciara fueled break-up rumors when she was spotted out & about with her newborn son, Future Zahir Wilburn, over the weekend.

Ciara was spotted pushing her son in a stroller in a Los Angeles neighborhood. The 28-year-old single mom was accompanied by a wet nurse and a friend who walked Ciara’s dogs.

Other bloggers note that Ciara was missing an important accessory: her engagement ring.

Since the baby was born in Mt. Sinai three weeks ago, rumors have swirled that Ciara and her baby daddy, rapper Future Hendrix, have split up.

According to the rumor mill, Future was not present for the baby’s birth. But, in an interview with US Weekly, he did vow to be a loving, hands-on father to the baby a day after the birth.

“She’ll be a great mom. She’s working at it every day and over time, I think she’ll be the best,” he said.

Future, who has 3 other children with as many women, was seen cuddling with troubled singer Rihanna in a NYC recording studio last week. They were also spotted partying together at a nightclub.

So far Ciara has remained silent on the topic of her latest failed relationship.

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