Iggy Azalea Has a Nasty Attitude

They say there’s a kernel of truth in every joke. No wonder British rapper Iggy Azalea laughed dryly when her boyfriend, NBA player Nick Young, described her as “very moody.”

Some women think having a nasty attitude is necessary to keep a man in line. But all it does is push him into the arms of a much nicer woman.

From Beautyworldnews.com:

According to Us Weekly, what initially started as a fashion conversation turned into an adorable couple’s quarrel between the pair.

When Iggy Azalea was asked whether she sees herself as “the Calvin Klein woman,” she said she was a “classically chic woman…with beautiful skin [and] a pop of color.”

The “Fancy” rapper went on to say, “I think I am every woman. I mean, it depends on my mood, and women are moody.”

Her boyfriend couldn’t help but interrupt and say, “Very, very moody.” His girlfriend then pretended to be mad for a moment and then the two began laughing with each other.

Will they still be laughing when the Dopamine fades in a few months? The old folks have a saying that goes, “Laugh now, cry later.”

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