Fathers Day photo

Nothing is sacred on the Internet. One Virginia mom learned the hard way that the Internet can be a cruel and unforgiving medium. Ciara Logan proudly posted Instagram photos of her 8-year-old son and 2-year-old twin daughters on Father’s Day. But within hours the photos were turned into offensive Instagram memes.

Fathers Day photo

“This has taught me a lesson,” Logan told CBS 6. “My message is share them with the ones you love via text message,” she said. “Get a page that is for family only, and private your page.”

Logan says she found out about the memes when she visited the page of a stranger who ‘liked’ three of her photos.

“As I scrolled through his pictures, I saw this picture of my children,” she said. “To insinuate that my son is a pimp — or that my son is selling cars — because he has on a suit and he has two little girls with him — or to hashtag, ‘keep him away from those girls,’ as if to say my son is a predator…”

She added: “He’s an eight-year-old boy who is very caring, very loving, very nourishing, very protective of his sisters.”

Logan’s mother, Louise Logan, was equally as offended by the memes.

“To have someone display my grandchildren, with so much negative connotations and distastefulness…. I was just in awe, and it needs to stop,” she said.

Logan said she contacted the stranger to ask him to remove her children’s photos, but he refused. She said the stranger blocked her on Instagram and changed his username. When Logan contacted Instagram to report the user she was told to remove all of her children’s photos from her page.

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