Solange on Monday

All doubts about Beyonce‘s younger sister Solange Knowles‘s mental instability were erased when that shocking elevator video was leaked by a gossip tabloid. Every day is a struggle for the 28-year-old Houston native, who was never charged with putting her fists and feet on her aging brother-in-law, Jay Z. So when Solange has a good day, it is a headline-worthy event.

US Weekly magazine notes that Solange enjoyed a “happy day” on Monday, July 21. Monday must have reminded Solange of the many “endless days of joy” the singer enjoyed before she was diagnosed with a mood disorder that forced her to cancel her tour last year.

“Boyfriend took this of me the other night when we got home from dancing… I was happy. I am happy here,” Solange wrote. Her words hinting that Mondays are normally filled with sadness and gloom.

“Thank you nola for giving me so many wonderful, rich, and endless days of joy,” she continued. “For giving my son one of the best summer experiences. For the night I danced until 8 am in a place filled with nothing but love. I fall in love with you more and more every day. You are magic. I am grateful.”

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