I Am Jada

I Am Jada

A 16-year-old Houston girl is at the center of a movement to bring awareness to rape and misogyny on social media.

The #IAmJada movement is garnering the support of big name celebrities such as actress and rocker Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Jada went public with her story after 2 boys spiked her drink at a party and allegedly took turns raping her. The boys posted photos of Jada drugged and posed naked on a bed. The photos went viral online, spawning the #Jadapose Twitter hashtag.

I Am Jada

From The Chronicle:

While the Chronicle normally does not name victims of sex assaults, the 16-year-old identified herself as Jada. Thursday was her first time back at the house since the party.

She said she went with three friends to the home in the 12500 block of Chessington, near Stafford. The high school student and a friend were taken upstairs, where Jada said she was offered a drink.

That’s the last thing she remembers of that night. Quanell X said Jada didn’t know what happened until she saw the photos weeks later.

Recently, people have been mimicking the image where she appears to be unconscious. People are posting photos and videos re-creating her position on the floor.

“My friends are getting harassed, and I’m getting harassed,” Jada said Thursday.

Quanell X said two young men were involved, a 16-year-old and a 19-year-old. He said social media posts by the older man indicate that he plans to leave the country.

The activist said a friend of Jada’s also was raped the same night. Cannon said police are investigating similar claims from another girl.

I Am Jada