Ashley Everett

Beyonce is the master at running a tight ship and preventing leaks. But the singer's lead dancer, Ashley Everett, broke the code of silence by speaking out about Bey and Jay Z's impending divorce.

In an interview with Yahoo's Insider, Ashley candidly revealed what most of us already knew: that Beyonce is tired of Jay Z's rampant cheating and she wants her freedom.


Beyoncé’s lead dancer of six-years spoke to Yahoo Insider about how Bey’s handling the constant rumors surrounding her marriage.

She said:

“I think after a certain amount of time there’s only so much a person can take, but she’s expressed it through her art and through her music and so I guess that’s her outlet.”

When it comes to Bey & Jay’s onstage chemistry, Ashley says it shows the full range of emotion.

“It shows the love, it shows the affection. The love, the hate, the relationship, real things that go on in a relationships.”

Since becoming a mother, Ashley also says that Bey’s priorities have shifted.

“She is much more down to earth than I think a lot of people think. Especially now since she has Blue. She use to be like all about work and now it’s about family and Blue.”

Maybe we’re reading too much into it, but it’s certainly not the ‘everything’s perfectly fine’ response from Ashley that we were hoping for.

To be honest, I had hoped Beyonce and Jay Z could salvage their marriage for the sake of Blue Ivy. But face it kids, their marriage is over. How much more proof do you need?

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    • sassyshe

      The dancer didnt confirm anything. I think everyone needs to leave it alone if they gonna divorce they will let everyone know

    • mrs_warren_08

      I did not hear that either

    • lovezoe


    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Welp there goes her job :tea: but honestly you roses know what I say.... their relationship is straight up business and that is all.... they have a beautiful daughter out of this, but it's just business.... find real life relationships to look up too outside of these entertainers.... cause that is just what they are :coffee: entertainers..... Anyways got this grill smoking up something serious :yes:
      Chile it's about to go down :yahoo:

      Hey Sassy :kiss: Lzoe :kiss: >>> :spank: Wake up Gull!

    • sassyshe

      Hi jenie :kiss:

    • Smokie

      Do people really believe that this woman wasn't told exactly what to say by Beyonce's team. There is no way that someone with such a long and secure job with BEYONCE KNOWLES would talk about her personal life without being told what to say. So, OK, this means that Beyonce really is planning to live Jay. She'd never let something like this get out otherwise. She's going to try to come out on top as the long suffering wife who got fed up and left. It'll probably work.

    • Sandra Rose

      Beyonce is playing the media like a fiddle.. :violin:

    • Unshakable

      I believe Beyoncé and Mr. Knowles will do what is best for them and Purple Lilac Azul. If it floats their boat, it sails my ship.

      Happy Saturday to:

      Auntie Sandrita
      All otha roses after post numma 8 :rofl:

    • MisUnderstood

      I wished I cared :yawn: I do agree with Jenie, this is a business marriage, nothing more.

    • MisUnderstood

      Hey Unshakeable & all Roses who stops by on this wonderful Saturday

    • MrsL

      What did she confirm again? :think: :shrugs:

    • Hershey

      She confirmed that Bey and Jay are like all couples, they argue, make up, stay together, work she confirmed nothing. :tea:

    • Who Dat

      Power finale.

      Tommy. Tonight when he was chasing Nomar? With that hat on? Why he was looking so fine? I dont eem look at yt dudes like that :no: even on TV. *exits*

    • mrs_warren_08

      But why does it look like Tommy wears eye liner?

    • MrsMantha

      Tommy has always looked weird to me. Ya'll think Ghost go still uck with Angela once Tommy tell him she a cop? And I'm sorry Tasha brought this on herself. You not supporting your man's dream of being legit = pushing him away. She made it easy for him to choose Angela over her. It wasn't like he was out chasing tail.. And goin against what he said bout they daughter.. out of order. This show was a great filler for Scandal, I hope it comes back in early 2015 not the fall.

      And yea the dancer really didnt confirm anything and I do believe that B's peeps ok her saying what she said.

    • ShadeQueen46

      I highly doubt BeyondSay's team would let her say all of them without being told what to say. Any who in my opinion BeyondSay's career is officially dead. Bish featured the koon of all koons on her flawless remix track...... Nicki Minaj.

    • ShadeQueen46

      *say all of that
      Dern auto correct

    • sassyshe

      @whodat Ive been wanting to :hump: tommy, maybe cause hes bout that life

    • OutsidetheBox

      Of course chit gonna go down when its a billion dollars on the elevator.. :shrug:

      But who leaving who? If y'all could just get that part right.. :no: :koolaid:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Tommy I believe is a queen in real life :gay:

    • spiceykay

      Tasha has her faults but Ghost is completely in the wrong. Should she want more and legal from him she really should but his legit life means he is not around her and the kids and she doesn't like that. Tasha wants him for his street life but Angela wants him for the legit life at least Tasha knows about the legit life too and if she wants to she could either get him killed or sent to prison.

    • therapist1911


      Ur sister, aunt, cousin and friend is going through the samething.

      So if they split, then what????

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Therapist then nothing :shrugs: What's the big deal

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Ghost and Tommy :smack: I catching up on the show right now and Lawd :no: these fools slipping

    • San ah make ya dance

      Can y'all teach me how to spot out a biz deal marriage for here on out :waiting: I don't think that's the end all for them. They've been fcking with each other too long. I think the biz is their icing in the cake. Same shyt I'm striving for, let's make money together

    • Candi Apple

      The world ends and the internet shuts down :shrug:

      But of course :nun:

    • San ah make ya dance

      *on the cake

    • MrsMantha

      And I dont trust Holly.. red headed devil!:warning:

    • SummerBaby

      Ghost does what a typical cheater does....start fights, constantly blames Tasha for everything, than uses that as an excuse to leave. I think Tasha would support anything Ghost wanted if he just talked to her & spent time w/her & the kids.

    • pointhimout

      marriage in general is a business. so many cultures arrange the marriages for whatever reason. In the U.S. we think it's about love and soul mate. It isn't. Marriage is about business. They will not divorce. You have to know by now Beyonce will ride the wave of any rumor. She doesn't have to do much to stay relevant cuz the public, blogs, and media outlets keep her name in your mouth 6/7 days a week. Who's winning again?

    • Crimsontide

      marriage in general is a business. so many cultures arrange the marriages for whatever reason. In the U.S. we think it’s about love and soul mate. It isn’t. Marriage is about business.


      That's why we have so many issues with marriage in America. Other countries/cultures are upfront and acknowledge this! Meanwhile, we have a bunch of women that just want to flash a ring in other chicks faces and try to trap, trick & break down men in order to do so...

    • Crickett

      I think she is talking of the media when she says "I think after a certain amount of time there’s only so much a person can take, but she’s expressed it through her art and through her music and so I guess that’s her outlet.”
      AND this dancer has a couple of single pics on Bey's website, like she is more than an employee.

    • MrsMantha

      Wasn't she the main person in Heaven video also?

    • Lady_L

      Hershey says:

      She confirmed that Bey and Jay are like all couples, they argue, make up, stay together, work together…so she confirmed nothing.

      same thing Tiny said about her and TI