Paul George Ferrari
Paul George Ferrari

Indiana Pacers star Paul George is still convalescing after suffering a gruesome lower right leg fracture during a USA basketball scrimmage in Las Vegas last week. Sources say George has the blues because he knows his career is possibly over. So one of his friends lifted his spirits by dropping off a shiny new $250,000 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider at the hospital where he is recovering after surgery. Don’t you wish you had friends like that?

Paul George Ferrari

From Yahoo News:

As George notes in his social media share, it’ll be some time before he can put enough pressure on the gas to get this thing going, but at least he feels “right again” and “blessed” after that horrific injury. In the meantime, whoever gets to drive George home from the hospital is one lucky person.

It’s unclear how the Ferrari came to be in George’s possession, but this model starts at $257,412. Considering George’s five-year, $91.6 million extension kicked in this summer, he can afford it. Or maybe Floyd Mayweather dropped it off as a get well soon gift during his recent hospital visit. Either way, enjoy.

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