Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson released the name of Michael Brown’s killer in a press conference this morning. The officer’s name is Darren Wilson.

Jackson also released surveillance camera images from a convenience store where Brown is suspected of stealing cigars prior to being shot and killed by Wilson.

The surveillance camera footage shows a black male confronting a store clerk on Saturday just before noon. The store clerk apparently called 911 to report the robbery. A Ferguson police officer who responded to the robbery identified Brown as the suspect. According to the police report, Wilson used his patrol unit to block Brown, 18, and Dorian Johnson, 22, who were walking in the street at the nearby Canfield Green apartments.

According to the police version, a scuffle ensued between Brown and Wilson who fired a shot from inside the patrol car. Wilson exited his patrol unit and fired at Brown and Johnson as they fled. According to witnesses, Wilson repeatedly fired at Brown multiple times after he fell to his knees and held his arms in the air to show he wasn’t armed.

Despite the new information, many say the police shooting was overkill and unnecessary.


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