Beyonce and Jay-Z are seen in East London visiting sculpture galleries, the A list couple looked happy and laughed and joked with photographers

American Power Couple Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z Carter-Knowles reportedly renewed their wedding vows in Paris.

Although it sounds romantic, renewing wedding vows is often a sign of trouble in paradise.

Remember how many times supermodel Heidi Klum and musician Seal Samuel renewed their wedding vows before they finally gave up and divorced after 7 years of marriage?

When two people who were married for years suddenly renew their vows, it means they are desperate to rekindle the fire in their marriage.

Of course we know the fire was fueled by Dopamine, which usually fades after 1-5 years.


According to People, the superstar couple, who celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in April, recently renewed their vows.

“They did have major problems,” a source told the magazine. “But they worked it out and they’ve renewed their vows.”

Over the summer, there were rampant rumors that the couple was headed for divorce. While their relationship has had its ups and downs, “they worked it out for [the sake of] their reputations and for [their 2-year-old daughter] Blue Ivy.”

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