Shad Moss

Shad Moss

We can add Joie Chavis‘ name to the list of bitter baby mamas (like Kevin Hart‘s ex-wife, Torrei Hart) who have trouble letting go of the past.

Chavis is the ex-girlfriend of BET 106 & Park host Shad “Bow Wow” Moss. The mother-of-one took to her now-deleted Twitter account to put Bow Wow on blast for being a deadbeat dad.

Joie wrote a series of tweets accusing Bow wow of ignoring their toddler daughter, Shai Moss, while he was on the west coast with his fiancée, Erica Mena.

“I don’t normally speak out and could care less about his personal life,” she wrote. “But I will not allow him to keep dragging my name through the mud!”

Chavis says Moss has been “in and out of LA for damn [near] a month” and hasn’t seen their daughter at all. She accused Moss of ignoring his daughter’s calls and FaceTime sessions.

But Moss posted a photo of himself on Instagram with Shai last week, along with a note expressing his frustration over not seeing his daughter.

Shad Moss

“Maaan words cant describe how much i miss you i just want to see you… Hug you… Things will get better. I miss you shai shai… I just dropped a tear on this one,” he wrote.

“Let him tell it ‘I won’t let him see her’ .. GTFOH,” Chavis wrote on Twitter.

Chavis added: “It’s clear what’s a priority in his life and it’s not my daughter.”

But it was all good last Thanksgiving when Chavis (pictured above with Bow Wow) thought there was a chance they would get back together.

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