Columbus short

Former Scandal actor Columbus Short was back in the news yesterday. A bench warrant was issued for his arrest after Short missed a court hearing on felony battery charges stemming from a fight in March. But Short had a good excuse for not attending the hearing: he missed his flight from Atlanta.

In an email to, Short wrote, “Yes I didnt make it to court and it was a nightmare. My circumstance just is what it is. I own not making it to court but just report the facts.”

Short also included photos of his tickets to prove he missed his flight.

Columbus Short

He continued:

“You have no idea what ive been going through. I slept in the airport last night after being bumped from the flight. Then was bumped on the morning flight. Truthfully because I was flying on a buddy pass. Thats real! None the less, when my lawyer told me I’d be taken into custody if I was late I left the airport. It’s been a really stressful week. I’m not paying $1,500 and the bench warrant is being dropped and the case is being continued once again. This is a real story and a real honest direct email. ONLY because I like you. So can we communicate before you just run with what u hear? We will have the dopest artist blogger friendship ever. But based in facts and truth not bits and pieces of facts and lies. Fair enough?”

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According to, Columbus pleaded not guilty in May to knocking a man unconscious and fracturing his left eye socket. He faces 4 years in prison if convicted. readers are praying for Columbus as he works to get his career back on track. I have complete confidence in him!

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