Shanesha Taylor

A single mother who left her 2 small children in a hot car while she supposedly went on a job interview has asked a judge to lower the amount of a trust fund she agreed to set up for the children.

Shanesha Taylor, of Scottsdale, Arizona, was arrested in March and charged with cruelty to children. Her teary-eyed mugshot went viral online, and Taylor received $114,000 in donations from concerned citizens around the country.

But now Taylor’s moral character is being called into question.

In order to avoid felony child abuse charges, Taylor agreed to put $60,000 into a trust fund for education and child care for her 2 children. The children would have access to the funds when they turned 18.

But on Monday, the court learned Taylor had not yet put the money into a trust fund. Instead, she asked a judge to lower the amount of the fund to $35,000, saying she still has not found a job and she needs the money to live on.

Shanesha Taylor

From Daily Mail:

The judge asked if she would be willing to show the state her bank records so authorities can determine whether she has made big purchases and if it is necessary to renegotiate the agreement.

Taylor told the judge that the money is in her mother’s bank account and her mom may not want her to disclose the records.

She then suggested funding the accounts with $35,000 instead of the $60,000 previously agreed.

If prosecutors decide to allow another agreement, they will meet Wednesday to hash out the details.

Thanks to loyal reader Ernest O. for the tip.

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