Kyle Chrisley and Chloe

Reality TV personality Kyle Chrisley fired back at his dad, Todd Chrisley, for calling him “bipolar” and kicking him off the family’s reality show, Chrisley Knows Best.

“Kyle is bipolar,” Todd told E! News. He added that his son was in and out of rehab and is now missing. “I will get him the help that [he] needs once we locate him. He left my mother’s house and we’ve not seen him,” said Todd. “Police are looking for Kyle now.”

But in an interview with London’s Daily Mail Kyle called his father “a snake” and accused him of being controlling.

“My dad is all about control. He’s vindictive and manipulative,” Kyle told the Daily Mail on Friday. “He’s a snake and if there’s a snake in the grass you don’t know but hell it’ll bite you when you go by.”

Todd Chrisley bristled at Kyle’s accusation that he was using Kyle’s mixed-race baby, Chloe, for TV ratings.

“That is not true. That is probably the most hurtful thing in the article,” said Todd, who added that he and his wife, Julie, are raising Chloe.

Todd denied kicking Kyle off the show. “I didn’t kick Kyle off the show. He refused to take his medication. He was hostile to the crew. He was hostile to other people on the show and you can’t have that.”

Kyle says he is sober and he recently married a woman named Lexi.

He said he will go to court to win custody of his daughter back.

“This show has been nothing but bad for me,” said Kyle. “At this point he’s ruined me and he’s ruined the other three kids he’s had who are spoiled. But I’m not taking a chance on him ruining my daughter.”