Catcalls video

An average-looking woman wearing tight jeans and a tight top was filmed walking the streets of New York city for 10 hours expecting men to do what men do: notice her.

And in noticing her, they vocalized their appreciation of her feminine attributes — as heterosexual men have done since the beginning of time. Men instinctively notice women of child-bearing age. It’s in their nature.

Millions of women vented their outrage at the men in the video, who did nothing more than exercise their constitutional rights to express themselves in a non-violent manner.

I don’t agree with the obviously emotionally-scarred woman who wrote this blog complaining about my opinion. She took a giant leap in comparing her violent rape to the woman’s experience in the Catcalls video.

At no time in the 10 hours of filming was the woman assaulted or even touched by men on the streets of NYC. They simply vocalized their appreciation of her attributes — as is their constitutional right to do.

We’ve failed as a society when men are crucified for simply saying “hello” or “you’re beautiful” to a woman on the street. Women might as well wear veils and dress in muslim clothing if they don’t want to be noticed by men.

To the women who are complaining about the men in the catcalls video, the time will come when men won’t notice you anymore. Hopefully you won’t be one of those women who rush to the plastic surgeon to improve your looks so men will notice you again.

Enjoy the peace and solitude.

From Create and Deliver:

I’m pissed because the author of this blog tries to justify these actions by referencing scientific research and the Bible. Some nonsense about men are on this earth to be fruitful and multiply, and they weren’t being inappropriate. In fact, the author ads insult to injury by alluding to the fact that this woman should be grateful she’s getting the attention ; for after a few years when she’s 40, men aren’t going to find her attractive. I won’t come for Sandra Rose the way I would have 6 months ago, because I have learned that you can’t separate a fool from their foolishness. I myself use to record men’s disgusting ‘compliments’ and uploaded them to my instagram page. I had even resorted to turning around and confronting these men, asking their names, asking them to repeat themselves, asking them if they found their comments offensive and disrespectful.. even reported some of these guys to their bosses (many of them still in uniform or actually sitting in their work truck). After my rape, I stopped doing these things. It hadn’t been twelve hours after I was choked slammed to the ground with a man’s penis pushing up against my legs that I had to go downtown to report to my probation officer. I was standing in line (minding my own business) when the janitor walked across the room in my line of vision, winked his eye at me and licked his lips. I stopped leaving the house altogether. I was filled with so much rage, so fed up with the blatant disrespect, I was afraid that I might actually run across the street with my knife and cut the next man in the throat if he said something I didn’t like. And I would get no time to serve because I was literally insane. I really walked around with with the switch blade that day just hoping I would get the chance to carve out some pervert’s Adams apple. I have even stopped wearing weaves and makeup in an effort to make myself LESS attractive in an attempt to encourage these pieces of shit to keep their fucking mouths closed.

I’m saying this to say that Sandra Rose is an idiot if she thinks that saying things like that to a woman who is walking down the street is ok. We all have the right to use public spaces without being verbally assaulted or sexually harassed. It is not a compliment. It makes some of us uncomfortable. It makes some of us afraid. The culture we live in looks at women as ‘things’ to be enjoyed. Toys to satisfy any and every man who wants it. There will always be people who feel like this blogger does. Nothing I say will change it. We live in a man’s world and mainstream opinion would have it that I shut up and be grateful that men find me attractive. I can’t wait to get the fuck out of here and away from people. This is bullshit, this HAS to stop, and I’m going to bed.