President Obama

Julia Pierson resigned her position as director of the Secret Service this morning, reports. Pierson tendered her resignation to the head of Homeland Security one day after testifying about serious security breaches at the White House during a hearing on Capital Hill.

President Obama called Pierson shortly after she resigned to thank her for 30 years of service. Pierson was on the hot seat after 2 widely publicized security breaches involving the Secret Service. The 6 incidents include a man armed with a knife who jumped the fence and made it deep inside the White House, and on Sept. 16, an armed private security got on an elevator with President Obama in Atlanta.

“I believe the President’s security was unnecessarily compromised,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, told CNN. “A convict with a gun in an elevator with the President put his life in danger. The Director should have informed the President, yet she testified she did not. Did she lie to Congress or fail to inform the President?”

Joseph Clancy has been appointed as Acting Director of the Secret Service while a search for Pierson’s replacement is found.

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