Tony Wylie

It’s difficult enough for black men to ascend into the upper echelons of NFL management. The black VP of communications for the Washington Redskins might be out of a job after he embarrassed the football franchise on national TV last night.

Tony Wylie

Tony Wyllie was aggravated about something when he shouted “No español!”
He then interrupted a live interview between ESPN Deportes (ESPN Sports) Spanish language reporter John Sutcliffe and Redskins quarterback Colt McCoy, following the Redskins victory over the Dallas Cowboys Monday night.

After yanking McCoy away from Sutcliffe, Wylie turned around and shouted “No means no!” The bizarre outburst was broadcast live into living rooms and man caves around the country.

That was all it took to send “NOMEANSNO” and Colt McCoy’s name trending on for hours.

Many Twitter users took amusement in informing Wylie that Sutcliffe works for ESPN — the broadcast partner of the NFL.

“Can only assume the Washington ‘no means no’ PR guy didn’t recognize reporter John Sutcliffe, who works for broadcast partner ESPN Deportes,” tweeted @RVargasAdvocate.