Usher Raymond and Grace Miguel in Panama

According to an insider close to urban singer Usher Raymond, his longtime girlfriend, Grace Miguel, is questioning why the singer had a raunchy sex tape, starring himself and ex-wife Tameka Raymond, on his laptop a full year after they divorced.

In 2010, a thief with knowledge of Usher’s movements followed him from Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport and broke into his SUV, stealing $1 million in jewels and furs while Usher and a bodyguard were inside an AT&T store near Lenox Mall. The thief also made off with a laptop containing a sexually graphic video that another insider described as “triple X-rated.”

According to the insider, Grace is upset that the video in question has resurfaced 3 years after someone tried to sell it to gossip blogs. She questions why Usher had the tape on his laptop not long after he started dating her.

Usher and his attorney, the esteemed Mark Geragos, are hunting feverishly for the person who is attempting to sell the video to the highest bidder.

According to a gossip blog, no Pr0n distributor will touch the video since neither Usher nor Tameka have authorized the sale of the video.

That leaves only the gossip blogs as a possible market for the video. So far no one has contacted to see if we’re interested in at least viewing the video. Our contact information is on the right sidebar.

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