Erika Reidt

FOX Deportes (sports) reporter Erika Reidt was suspended indefinitely after she allegedly posted an intensive tweet about Eric Garner on her account on Tuesday. Garner is the NY man who was choked to death by a NYPD officer. A Staten Island grand jury refused to indict Daniel Pantaleo, 29, for using an illegal chokehold on Garner.

Commenting on the “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts worn by LeBron James and other NBA players in support of Garner, Reidt Tweeted, “I’m going to start wearing a shirt that says “I can breathe because I obey the law.”

She tweeted “thank u” to a follower who told her she had the right to her opinion.

The backlash was swift as users raked Reidt over hot coals. That’s when she made another egregious error by claiming her account was hacked. When that didn’t work, Reidt used the tired “I’m from the hood” excuse.

From In Flex We Trust:

I want to clarify in regards to the comment about Eric Garner, my account was hacked & apparently that comment was posted without my consent. I am trying to investigate who posted this horrific comment. I was on a run when this comment was posted and realized that it was posted. When I began receiving all these crazy messages. That is not the only post made. There are posts to sites I don’t know. I don’t believe anyone deserves to die. I am praying for Eric Garner’s family and also that police become more compassionate about our communities needs. I was raised in the hood and know the struggles our minority communities go through. I pray we become the system and abolish all racism.

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