Sean Combs and Drake

You’re not the only one who is confused about the vicious beat down Drake received at the hands of rap mogul Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs at Club LIV in Miami over the weekend. The skirmish sent Drake to the hospital after he aggravated an old shoulder injury.

It seems the rap beef goes all the way back to June when Puffy complained bitterly onstage about the Canadian rapper stealing a beat he commissioned from music producer Boi-1da.

Miss Info breaks it all down for you after the break:

From Miss Info:

So, it seems that the fellas had some lingering bad blood over “0 to 100? when they saw each other at LIV this past Sunday. TMZ claims that Diddy said, “you’ll never disrespect me again,” and then punched him, but Drake only went to the hospital because the melee re-hurt an old shoulder injury.

Miss Info: According to an insider, the beat that caused this whole dispute is actually “0 to 100? by Boi-1da. Apparently Diddy was given that beat first, eventually sent it to Drake to put a verse on it, but as we all know Drake released “0 to 100? as a freestyle using the beat instead. Reportedly, the beat was made during a series of sessions in Miami where Puff flew Boi-1da down…but turned down the beat. Which would make it up for grabs.

However… we are hearing Puff was furious when Drake released the “0 to 100? freestyle, probably thinking all beats should hold ’til infinity for him. And just imagine how much more furious he was when Drake’s Grammy nomination for “0 to 100? was announced just a few days before “the punch.”

UPDATE: TMZ posted footage today (December 10) from a show back in June, where Diddy told the crowd, “I’ma play this next beat. I gave this shit to this n*gga, this n*gga stole this shit from me,” before playing — you guessed it — “0 to 100.”