drone crashes on White House lawn

A drone crash landed on the White House north lawn Sunday, while President Barack Obama and his family are out of the country. The Secret Service who have endured numerous security mishaps, were quick to dismiss the drone as a threat of any kind.

“Early indications are that [the drone] does not pose any sort of ongoing threat right now to anybody at the White House,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, who is traveling with the Obamas in India. But behind closed doors officials are concerned the drone may have been sent on a test flight.

drone crashes on White House lawn

In the past, ISIS militants have captured a U.S. made drone that targeted ISIS fighters. The drone did not carry a payload or drugs, according to the AP.

The White House was on lock down Sunday and early Monday as agents waited for the first light of dawn to perform a grid by grid search of the grounds.

The president is in India to meet with the Indian prime minister and to forge stronger ties with the U.S. and India business communities.