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Bajan singer Rihanna released this horrid acoustic track titled "Four Five Seconds," featuring Kanye West and pop legend Sir Paul McCartney yesterday.

Riahnna's plaintive wailing over McCartney's acoustic guitar and a church organ is painful to hear. The track sounds like an impromptu jam session that never should have been released to the public. McCartney, who is one quarter of the greatest band in music history, is barely heard on the background vocals. Rihanna is totally out of her league on this track.


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    • jeniefrumdabloc

      I'm feeling it till Kanye chimes in :tea: I like it though ... it's different ... that's what I will say about her... she is unique :yes: I will give her that

    • Suggatooth

      :newbie: I simply adore this song. Its so different than the ratchet music we are so use to hearing. No cursing, or derogatory comments. It almost remind me of the 1967 sound. Its like a breath of fresh air. Love the fact that these guys are not predictable , its time for a new sound and change.

    • SipOfBria

      I'm feeling that R8 won't be as good as everyone hopes. Song is okay though.

    • TaylorMade

      Darnit if I didn't type out a while dissertation downstairs and my silly phone refreshed and I lost it all :crying:
      :hi: Auntie Sandra. I think you're on to something. It seems like folks have been clowning Mimi about her weight and drinking for so long that he jumped on his "trophy" in Amb.

      :hi: Jenie, we couldn't cone to a final "definition" per say. Of course there were a series of double standards being thrown in with the examples. But at the end we all agreed that it was up to one's own interpretation.

    • TaylorMade

      :hi: Vanna and Bria.

    • SipOfBria

      :hi: Taylor

    • TaylorMade

      Did you guys see where Kid and Play came together for Alicia Keys Bday. It looks like they had a last redoing HouseParty

    • Vanna is the root of all evil

      Did you guys see where Kid and Play came together for Alicia Keys Bday. It looks like they had a last redoing HouseParty

      So Alicia had the baby? everyone been hush about it

    • TaylorMade

      I think she had a little boy, but yup, her uterus is vacant :lol:..... :think: let me go do the education tho :pc:

    • Vanna is the root of all evil

      I remember when AC was hawt. Those days are long gone...:violin: I hope she enjoyed them lol

    • TaylorMade

      Congratulations to Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz - they have welcomed their second child, Genesis Ali Dean, into the world. The couple already have four-year-old son Egypt Daoud, and little Genesis was born Saturday 27 December at 1.52am.Dec 29, 2014
      Yup. She had him. This is the first time of me hearing a little boy being named Genesis. No shade, it could be unisex I guess :shrug:

    • Vanna is the root of all evil

      I never heard of anyone name genesis

    • TaylorMade

      Black Ink comes back on tomorrow. Those extra chapped lipped folks are entertaining :kona:

    • 69

      :stop: what you doing RATT nah and Googa the video gone viral of some idiot video taping eminent death in his vehicle as a semi truck BARELY missed his arse and jumped the median.

      Now if I would have been in that passenger seat, after that semi jumped the median, i woulda wo' his ass like some 85 wranglers.


      Bye. :kona:

    • TaylorMade

      Apollo talking to the babies :crying: :sad:

    • <–Doesn't Talk To Strangers

      *jacked (from myself downstairs) :hahaha:

      Here’s my take on this… Nik always bean inRootyPoo category to me (he been bean paid but still)… We all sideeyed MiMi when she Chose this cat :yes:

      And as far as amber, Hoes/Whores Always do hoe/whore shatt :shrug: Always have, always will.

      Nothing new to see here IMB :no:
      She’s tryin to manage her pussy right, watch :pacifier:

      by <--Doesn't Talk To Strangers on Jan 25, 2015 at 7:47 pm
      On Topic:
      Yo Kdub, is that Braiille up top?! :ghost:
      Kanyekanyekanye :facepalm: I just heard his song singing what his Mom is saying to him. :huh:
      RIP Donda
      SR :thankyou: for the Sunday posts

    • CocoKhaleesi

      I won't even waist my yall sundee roses doin?

    • Unshakable

      On topic,

      I like RiRi's denim top. She looks pretty as always.

      Off topic,

      Seaux I am into my feelings because a baby girl had parts of their face mauled off by pet ferrets. Skyy Isabelle Fraime was placed in her carseat and left downstairs while the mother went to use the bathroom. While the mother was in the bathroom, 2 of the 3 ferrets escaped the cloth-like cage and begin munching on the baby's face.

      Mind you, the daddy was asleep upstairs. The parents came downstairs and heard the baby screaming. Baby Skyy suffered severe injuries to her lips and nose and other parts of her face. Chief Smythe says the household, which includes a total of five young children all under the age of 5, is in crisis.

      He says the family has been clients of Delaware County Child & Youth Services before this tragedy. Authorities call the living conditions inside the home 'deplorable.' All the animals were removed including the ferrets, which were euthanized. Owning ferrets, mammals in the same family as the weasel, is legal in Pennsylvania.

      Seaux, OMG....where do I begin? :blink: You know what? There no words. I am seaux disgusted with the recklessness of these parents, and to make matters worse, this baby will be scarred for life. All on account of her parents. :no:

    • PumpkinsMama

      UNSHAKEY!!! :hug: :kiss: How are you my love? And :huh: at that story Please tell me they were Sprites

      DTTS :happy: Gurl my Masters Program starts tomorrow :crying1: but probably NOT b/c of the weather :rofl:

      69 Sir How is the new locale Boo :lick:

      Taylor Made Whatcha step that's my NYC crew you talking bout! I Kid, I kid that ain't my borough :rofl: Dem is Harlem Shaker's People :tea:

      Hi Coco :waves:

      Hi Vanna :waves:

      Hi Sip :waves:

      Jennnnnnnnnnay :sheep:

      :rofl: at my midnight Role Call I MISS THE KK :crying1:

    • PumpkinsMama

      Off Topic (because I actually DID subject me ears to that mess)


      They calling for 2-3 feet!!! :wtf:

      But seriously, ya'll keep us NY'ers in your prayers :pray: cuz sh*t Just.Got.Real

    • Unshakable

      I'm getting the morning shout outs started a lil early:

      Auntie Sandrita
      Joey ( He is an official rose thanks to Carrington :rofl: )
      Fay Fay
      Sip of Bria
      Taylor Made
      Wut (I know the devil dawgs showed out)
      Redeemed ( You still feel some kinda way about Edomites? :think: )

      To any rose that I may have left off the list.....Know that it wasn't intentional and I got nothing but love. :hug:

    • PumpkinsMama

      I AIN'T MAKE DA LIST :cuss: :wail: :crying1:

    • Unshakable

      And to my beautiful Pumpkin Patch.... :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

      Chile from the name, my guess is they were Hispanic. You know that wasn't a Black peepa....Black folk don't do wild animals. What Black peepa you know keepin ferrets, muskrats, raccoons, and leopards as pets? Thinkin they can domesticate them? Tryna domesticate camels, and askin them what day it is....naming it Mike. Then be all bedazzled when the camel spits on them. :rofl:

      Congrats on furthering your education! I am seaux happy for you! Way to go! :thumbsup:

    • Unshakable

      Pumpkin Patch,

      I had to scroll through several lists to obtain these names. Chile, I had several brain freezies along the way. Please love me anyway! You know I ain't got nothing but love babe! And I said, "I knowed in my heart I am leaving someone off the list."

      Lemme make it up to you......I will give you a massage with lavender oil blended with almond oil. :yes:

    • <–Doesn't Talk To Strangers

      Pumpkin :hug: Fudge that snow yo! :D
      And if class is cancelled due to the 29 ft y'all finna get, Im assigning you to read Chpts 1 AND 2 :hahaha: :ghost:
      But seriously, Best wishes in your masters program! :yes: You can do it OR ELSE :nino:
      Pay Attention :rules:
      IF you don't "get it" about anything :eek: Let us know! It is imperative that you "get it" so that you can use it (that advanced degree) :yes: EYE expect all A's outta yew :eek: <--- thank I'm playin face LOL
      #imstilllaughingaboutthataintmyborough :dead:
      But yeah TayLOR :tea: *repeats Ps threat* :rofl:
      Unshakable :kiss:
      :gossip: Now (as if we ain't already know this) folks gotta add wild fuggin life to the long list of who/what not to leave your babies with. That story is sad, and I pray that baby gets help, all kinds. And for the parents :no: Ughhhhh Humans! :facepalm:

      And for those that may be wondering why I'm up #youcare
      It's because MsTake got this Snick Snack alert app set up on my phone, shatt been going off all night, I finally just unplugged the phone :dead:

    • CocoKhaleesi

      GOODT morning roses! Quick questions....what the feezy wrong with Kanye..why go to the bet awards to talk about his wife's broke black boyfriends? Am I in the matrix?

    • #missyJSays

      Good morning!!!

    • SummerBaby

      Good morning! I didn't make the list :crying:

    • https://scontentxfp1/v/t42.1790-2/10883260_10205181477284067_1503867899_n.mp4 MisTaken: So thick :buttshake: she make everybody else in the room so uncomfortable :winky:

      Missy I missed you!!! :happy:
      Unshake :hugs:
      Pumpkin :yahoo:

    • lovezoe


    • https://scontentxfp1/v/t42.1790-2/10883260_10205181477284067_1503867899_n.mp4 MisTaken: So thick :buttshake: she make everybody else in the room so uncomfortable :winky:

      Kanye talking about Kim (who he called a white woman) messing with broke men. :tea: Ummm Ray J probably had more money than her when they :hump: And let's be honest Reggie ain't been poor since high school IF THEN. Her sleeping with her body guard does not count. And other the other folks she :lick: Nick Cannon wasn't broke either. He has quietly been collecting coins. And if he only had $500k in his account when she dated him that's still TONS more than the average Joe prolly got $500. Please. Kanye was real IGnorant For being at BET Honors saying that mess. I only heard a sound byte and the only way that is ok is if someone dissed his wife as a gold diging WHORE in the opening monologue. Then even if true he got the right to defend her :lol: Anything else is in poor taste.

    • Keesh

      Morn-ty Roses :grill:

    • luVn_liFe…

      :wave: Good Morning!
      Missy :hug:
      Happy Monday it's :cold: Here!

    • Keesh

      What did I miss in EBT land this weekend. They had an awards show or something? :popcorn:

    • Keesh

      Hey Luvn boo! Girl Im trying to read what Miss Taken and everybody talking bout dis morning... Kanye did what to his fat white ole lady?

    • SummerBaby

      :hi: Luvn

    • Keesh

      @Miss Taken, can you do the mornting roll call ova.. I was sleep :oops:

    • SummerBaby


    • Keesh

      Before we get started though, I wanna send a prayer to all the Roses up Norf and in da areas where the snow suppose to hit. Hope it passes through but if not... I have you in mind

    • Smokie

      Rihanna sounds great! I don't like Kanye on this song.