More shocking details have emerged from the closing hearing in rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges‘s child custody case. Ludacris, the plaintiff, took his baby mama, Tamika Fuller, to court on Dec 12, 2013, after she refused to allow him to visit their newborn baby, Cai Bella Bridges, who was born on December 9, 2013.


As you know, has a source who may or may not work at the courthouse.

According to my source, the judge considered the law and many child custody factors in determining which parent should have primary custody of 13-month-old Cai.

The court determined that Ms. Fuller was a pathological liar who was unfit to be the primary parent due to the fact that she abandoned her first child — a daughter who is now 20 years old.

The court found that Ms. Fuller:

1. abandoned her 1st child at a very young age
2. left her first daughter with her family and moved out of state for years
3. lacked a consistent employment history
4. was unable to take care of herself
5. lacked stability (Cai lived in 3 different homes with Fuller in the 1st year of her life)
8. used the baby for publicity purposes

The court found that Mr. Bridges:

1. exhibited more stability
2. demonstrated a history of taking care of Cai (he had her 145 days out of 365 days).
3. demonstrated he would foster a good co-parenting relationship with Fuller

Tamika Fuller in court

Let’s analyze the court’s findings in more detail.

Fuller had a daughter whom she abandoned 20 years ago. She abandoned that child and left her with the father, who was a known drug dealer who was killed in a drug deal gone bad.

Fuller then left the baby with her family and moved out of the state. She later moved back to Atlanta – and failed to contact her family to let them know she was in Atlanta until 3 years later!

When her family filed a petition for temporary guardianship of Ms. Fuller’s first child they told the court they didn’t know where the mother was. Fuller lived between Georgia and California for years without contacting her family or her first daughter.

Amazingly, Fuller’s attorneys called her eldest daughter to the witness stand on Tuesday to testify for her mother. But the young lady broke down on the stand when she described how jealous she was of the bond between Fuller and Cai — a bond that the eldest daughter was deprived of because Fuller abandoned her as an infant 20 years ago.

The testimony of the eldest daughter was painful for everyone in the room. It was so emotional the court had to take a recess. She said her mother taught her you have got to fend for yourself in life.

Luda’s attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham, chose not to cross examine the eldest child on the witness stand. She did not want to put her through any more public humiliation.

In contrast, the court found that Mr. Bridges demonstrated a history of good parenting toward his first daughter, Karma Bridges.

Luda’s attorneys pointed out that, a decade ago, Mr. Bridges had a child that he was taking care of and supporting and actively involved with. While, a decade ago, nobody knew where Ms. Fuller was.

Mr. Bridges was involved in every aspect of Karma’s life from birth to pre-school; kindergarten; and middle school, while Miss Fuller missed all of that with her first child.

The court found that this case was never about money for Mr. Bridges; he was sending money to Ms. Fuller that was above and beyond the court’s guidelines. Without a court order, Luda wrote a substantial check to Fuller on December 18, 2013 — the same month his daughter Cai was born. And he financially supported the baby every month thereafter.

Some of the facts that were stated by Luda’s attorney in court were that: it would be in the best interest of Mr. Bridges to have primary physical custody of Cai because the father has more stability.

That was the significant factor in the court’s decision to award Ludacris custody of his daughter.

When she took the stand to testify in her own defense, Ms. Fuller had no excuse for her past behavior.

Luda’s lawyer said Fuller is either a pathological liar or she is oblivious to the truth.

Luda’s lawyer said there were a number of lies that came up in the trial that Fuller could not explain.

Such as her claim that Ludacris offered to pay her $10,000 to abort her baby. This absurd claim was never mentioned before the start of the trial — not even in the negative stories she leaked to TMZ the tabloids. She never was paid $7k a month, as one gossip tabloid alleged.

Luda’s attorneys produced a document that showed Fuller lied on her application detailing her work history; she lied about her income; she lied on her application for an apartment. She told many, many lies — including her reasons for not allowing Luda to see his baby — another factor that the judge strongly considered.

Fuller’s attorney admitted that Ms. Fuller is a liar.

“She’s human, your honor. She made mistakes and she lied, but everybody tells lies,” said Fuller’s attorney.

Luda’s attorney said, “Lying is not normal, lying is not a family value.”

Luda’s lawyers noted that he wanted to spend time with the baby but Fuller refused. She made all kinds of excuses why he couldn’t have more visitation (his dogs, his rap lyrics, etc.). Luda was forced to take a drug test — which came back negative, so she dropped that excuse.

Fuller wanted to inspect Luda’s mansion to make sure it was baby-proofed. She said she would allow him to have overnight visitation with the baby — as long as he stayed overnight at her house.

Fuller also refused a request to allow Luda’s mother, Ms. Roberta Shields, to see her granddaughter.

At that point Luda decided to go to court to get visitation rights to see his own daughter — as any father would.

The court had to order Fuller to allow visitation.

Even though he was filming ‘Rising Star’ on Sundays on the west coast, Ludacris adjusted his schedule to fly overnight to Atlanta so he could pick up the baby every Monday morning. He saw Cai 5 days a week: 11 hours on Monday; overnight every Tuesday until Wednesday morning; and overnight every Thursday until Friday morning.

The judge admonished Fuller to get a full time job so she can pay her bills. The judge said Fuller bought a new car and a new home that she can’t afford to pay for, and that she was very unstable.

Some of her family members got up in court and admitted she wasn’t a good mother in the past, but she’s a “work in progress” and she’ll be a good mother now.

Luda’s attorney countered that by saying, “What’s in the best interest of the child; to be with a mother who is a ‘work in progress’, or to be with the father who is stable?”

The court found that Ms. Fuller used her infant daughter for publicity purposes. Luda’s attorney said Miss Fuller posted pictures of herself on, then put the hashtags #CaiBellaBridges — the child’s entire name to make her daughter a trending topic.

Ludacris and Eudoxie

Ludacris took his baby daughter home for good yesterday. No more flying overnights on private jets daily to see his own child. He can now live a normal life again.

Finally, the court said Ludacris wasn’t obligated to pay Fuller anything since he has full physical custody of Cai. But, according to my source, “it seemed like Luda was going to do something to help [Fuller] out financially, but he isn’t under any obligation to do so.”

The court found that Ludacris would make sure that the baby has a good relationship with her mother.

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