Rozonda Thomas and Tionne Watkins at Huffington Post

Rozonda Thomas, right, and Tionne Watkins, also known as Chilli and T-Boz of the group TLC, are on a mission to record what they call the last and final album of their careers. The ladies stopped by the Huffington Post offices in NYC to promote their new Kickstarter campaign to beg for money to make their last and final album a reality.

According to the Kickstarter website, TLC is asking for initial donations of $150,000 to go towards a writing session in the studio. Any monies beyond that will go to booking studio time, paying music producers, recording engineers, etc.

TLC Kickstarter campaign

T-Boz and Chilli aren’t exactly in big demand at recording labels. So asking their fans to finance their album makes sense.

“Backers” who donate $5 and up can choose from a list of packages that includes vinyl and digital copies of TLC’s new music, a phone call from T-Boz and Chilli, a photo shoot with the ladies, a private slumber party, and more.

Backers also get a chance to help choose the tracks that TLC will record.

“This final album will be the first studio album by the two of us. Of course, Lisa’s spirit will always be present in our music. That will never change,” said TLC.

Click here to donate.

UPDATE: TLC is heading out on tour with rap mogul Nelly and New Kids On the Block. The tour stops in Atlanta on June 6th.

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