Laverne Cox

Over the weekend, famed drag queen Laverne Cox posted this image of himself wearing a bathing suit on Instagram. The 30-year-old actor's demonstrates his "tucking" skills to perfection.

A male friend, who happens to be heterosexual, saw this image all over social media and called me to ask exactly how the "tucking" procedure is done.

Being a biological female, I have no experience in this area. So I searched the Internet for the best explanation of the tucking procedure.

Tucking is a technique that drag queens use to hide their equipment while they perform onstage in skimpy outfits. There is always the danger of their junk falling out while they maneuver from a handstand to a split. So to keep embarrassing accidents to a minimum, drag queens use duct tape or surgical tape to keep everything secure.

Drag queen tucking 101:

In a males body there are two sockets wear the testicles can fit in, to tuck properly a drag queen must get the jewels into the sockets, so that you can tape everything else down. If your going to be using this method of tucking, it is recommended that you shave your pubic hair in order for easy removal of the tape! No one wants a painful tape removal unless that’s what your into :)

1. In a squatting position, take each of the “T’s” and pop them into your abdomen, if this doesn’t happen, skip to the gaff method. Be careful not to hurt yourself with this.

2. Take a piece of toilet paper and wrap your shaft with it. This is an extra step that can be skipped.

3. Take a piece of duct tape (or) surgical tape and tape the penis back towards your anus.

4. Get a nice tight pair of undies on and Viola! No more penis.

This method is great in case of a bathroom emergency, and will help to avoid pop outs.

Below is a video that demonstrates how to make a homemade "Gaff". This video is probably NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!

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    here is always the danger of their junk falling out while they maneuver from a handstand to a split.

    4. Get a nice tight pair of undies on and Viola! No more penis.

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  • Man, I just don’t care™

    A male friend, who happens to be heterosexual, saw this image all over social media and called me to ask exactly how the “tucking” procedure is done.

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    Laverne doesn't discuss her surgeries public. I'd be shocked if she isn't post-op by now. She's probably never going to make as much coin as she's making now. She may as well invest it in herself.



    Umm my question they tuck it back to their anuz right? so if they get a hard on whilst in this state :think: do they accidently fuk themselves? Is it an accident or a happy coinkadink?

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    I really can't believe trannys walk around with tits and penises at the same time. They "tuck" so well, I thought most of them had the surgery already. This is so crazy!

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    Laverne cox is a transgender woman - she is not a drag queen!

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    Please use the proper pronouns. Laverne Cox is not a "him."