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The child custody case between rap star Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and his baby mama, Tamika Fuller, took a bizarre turn when Fuller’s attorney rapped the lyrics to one of Luda’s songs in open court.

Chris Ludacris Bridges

Lisa West recited the lyrics to Ludacris’ rap song “Dancin’ Dirty”, which West said makes references to date rape. But Ludacris denied West’s assertions that his song is about date rape. “It just means we were having a good time,” he said.

“Would you like for Cai to have this experience with a young man?” said West, referring to Luda’s 13-month-old daughter, Cai Bella Bridges.

“When Cai becomes an adult, and she wants to have a good time, then that’s her right as an adult,” said Ludacris.

At a different point during the hearing Luda said his rap lyrics were not for children. But he has recorded children’s songs that he posted on his daughter’s educational website, Karma’s World, which he helped to create for children.

The looks on the faces of the court reporter and Judge Doris L. Downs during West’s bizarre line of questioning are priceless.

Chris Ludacris Bridges

Video and photos by Dennis Bryon/Hiphopenquirer.com