Aaron Hernandez

More evidence against former New England Patriots WR Aaron Hernandez came to light during opening statements at the start of his murder trial today.

Hernandez, 24, is charged with 1st degree murder in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd, 27, who was found shot to death in an industrial park about a mile from Hernandez’s home.

The prosecution said a marijuana joint with Hernandez’s DNA on it was found at the murder scene.

Hernandez’s DNA was also present on a shell casing found in the rental car Hernandez used to transport the victim to the industrial park.

Bristol County Prosecutor Patrick Bomberg said the prosecution will use cell phone triangulation to pinpoint Hernandez’s location on the night of the murder.

At the time of his death, Lloyd was dating the sister of Hernandez’s fiancee. Hernandez has also been charged in a 2012 double murder.

Bomberg said Hernandez masterminded Lloyd’s murder because he believed the semi-pro football player knew too much about the double murder.

Hernandez’s attorney Michael Fee called the prosecution’s case “circumstantial,” and he pointing to the fact that no murder weapon was found.

Fee said the police zeroed in on Hernandez because he was a celebrity. “Once prosecutors learned Lloyd was a friend of Aaron Hernandez, it was over,” Fee said.

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