Dwight Howard

Social media is buzzing about a video that shows NBA star Dwight Howard clutching another man’s crotch.

The video shows Howard approaching the bench and reaching between a teammate’s legs. Amazingly, the teammate reacts as if another man clutching his genitals is an everyday occurrence.

In today’s politically correct environment it’s hard to know if Howard was just horsing around or if he chose a unique way to come out of the closet during a nationally televised NBA game.

I can tell you that Sandrarose.com does not have any intel that Mr. Howard is a closeted homosexual.

Even if he was kidding around, Mr. Howard should know that his juvenile behavior borders on sexual harassment.

From Bleacher Report:

Dwight Howard may be out for a while with a knee injury, but the Houston Rockets star is still going to have some fun during games.

After doing an in-game interview with ESPN’s Heather Cox on Wednesday night, Howard decided to surprise teammate Isaiah Canaan with an unexpected groin shot.

Not cool, Dwight.

Thanks to loyal reader Jerrona Campbell for the tip.

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